The Vatican Is Rewarding Traitors And Castigating Faithful

The Vatican Is Rewarding Traitors And Castigating Faithful

 en,news – 2/14/18

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen does not fear a schismatic church created by the Chinese Communists because it will fade away with the collapse of the regime, “But a schismatic church with the blessing of the Pope will be horrible.”

In another article on his blog (February 13) aimed at the imminent deal between China and the Vatican, Zen calls Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin’s recent interview“disgusting”.

Cardinal Zen accuses Parolin who said something about bringing the “balm of mercy” to China, to “rub salt into the wounds” of the persecuted Catholics by rewarding traitors and castigating those faithful.

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2 comments on “The Vatican Is Rewarding Traitors And Castigating Faithful

  1. A bit of Ash Wednesday advice to Cd. Parolin and his boss: Read the article on Heresy at the Catholic Encyclopedia site hosted by New Advent.

  2. In better days, before the Office of the Inquisition was established, local posses took care of public heretics with sure dispatch.
    The reason? Heresy was considered to be even more heinous than treason.
    Since the Church, prior to the Revolution of 1962-65, approached gravely serious issues, like who may or may not become a bishop, doctrinally it would seem that an unfathomably erroneous concession to the Red Chinese cannibals “might just be” a teensy-weensy bit heretical, would it not?
    I still can’t tell whether Francis’ sell out is just “Jorge being Jorge” or part of a very scripted “plan” orchestrated by others with not only zero affiliation with the Church and possessed of seething hatred for Her, intent on destroying Her credibility thoroughly among Her Most devoted members via an international scandal affecting a major world power.
    I hope it’s the former (strictly personal and psychiatric) reason because the latter possibility is just too disturbing to take in, all at once.

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