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Mass featuring dancers, a cross-dressing priest and Holy Communion to a Protestant minister

AACHEN, Germany ( – A German “carnival” Mass with dancing women, a cross-dressing priest and the giving of Holy Communion to a Protestant minister is drawing criticism.

A video shot by West German Broadcasting (WDR) is showing a February 4 carnival Mass at the parish of St. Gangolf in Heinsberg — described by KathNews as causing “great horror among countless Catholics,” adding that “believers expressed their disgust for this blasphemous tastelessness” on social media.

The pastor, Fr. Marcus Bruns, is dressed in a costume and begins by telling the congregation, “We want to start this service a little unfamiliar, different from what you’re used to.”

The video reveals women in short skirts line dancing into the sanctuary with some being held up or thrown into the air by male dancers.

Willibert Pauels, St. Gangolf’s deacon, declares to the congregation he gets a “thievish pleasure” discussing clerical celibacy, maintaining it is “sometimes so dogged as if it were about salvation or damnation.” The congregation cheers after he notes that St. Peter — the first pope — was once married, adding, “That’s something to think about. Sure thing!”

Later on, Pauels is wearing clown-nose glasses and says, “I can feel what religion actually means.” He then muses, “Religion is often abused, either as a guide to education and morality or as a museum which is dusting itself off.” He adds, “when religion is well understood, it makes you healthy. Healthy is what brings you to yourself and what puts you ahead of things. Then you will be free and happy.”


ImageDeacon Willibert Pauels

Protestant Pastor Martin Jordan is shown receiving Holy Communion, remarking afterward, “This is not the first time that I was allowed to receive Communion here in the Catholic church of St. Gangolf.” He continues, “There is no stronger sign of coalescence, of interdenominational solidarity than joint celebration.”

Father Rene Mertens, dressed like a woman, comments, “It is a deepening of the joy that we carry in our hearts, and when you experience such a service, your heart opens up. You can feel the joy even more that simply connects us, and you can have such a happy day every day if you like.

Bruns called critics of the Fool’s Mass “backwards,” claiming, “For the faithful in Heinsberg, on the other hand, the Mass was a great experience. We have only received positive feedback.”

The diocese of Aachen comments, “Carnival and the Church belong closely together in view of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday. In the Rhineland in particular, the carnival influences the whole life, but the diocese of Aachen wants to talk with the clergymen.”

A German Catholic, born and raised in the diocese of Aachen, tells Church Militant, “What has happened here is not an exception but rather the rule.” He notes that while there are faithful Catholics in Germany, it “has become a defiant missionary country. This Mass shows perfectly how dead faith often already is.”

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  1. [More scandal further south in the Diocese of Linz Austria]

    Diocese of Linz: Couple blessing for homosexuals for Valentine’s Day (Google translation)
    February 13, 2018
    The church newspaper of the diocese reports of two parishes in which same-sex couples are blessed. The diocesan working group for homosexual pastoral wishes to see more openness on the part of the church.
    Linz – The church newspaper of the Diocese of Linz reports on church blessings of homosexual couples in two of its parishes at the time around Valentine’s Day.
    “The offer can be used by lovers in all walks of life – including lesbian and gay couples,” it literally says about the blessings in the parish of St. Francis in Wels. Of the latter, the blessing is scarcely claimed, according to the report. Parish assistant Irmgard Lehner sees the cause as “that it is still taboo to officially show”. In their “worship church”, there are gay and lesbian people. However, many of them would have experienced “injuries and grievances” in their contacts with the Catholic Church and would now wonder if there was room for them in the Catholic Church.
    In the parish of St. Francis, everyone should feel welcome, says the parish assistant. “God is love. There should be no restrictions, “she is quoted by the church newspaper .
    The diocesan working group for homosexual pastoral (dahop) wishes for more openness. He believes that homosexual relationships are blessed by God. “It would be nice if a clear sign of the openness and invitation of many more pastors would be made in order to clearly signal that the love between two equal people God willed and thus already blessed,” it says in the church newspaper literally
    Position of the bishop.
    Franz Harant, priest, marriage and family pastor of the Diocese of Linz, sees this according to the report similar. “The blessing that exists everywhere is awarded. Since we have nothing to forbid, “the church newspaper cited him expressly in relation to homosexual couples. Harant refers to Pope Francis, who emphasized in his teaching letter “Amoris laetitia” that every person, regardless of his sexual orientation, should be respected in his dignity and received with respect, according to the report.
    The church newspaperthus evidently refers to AL 250. The same passage of post-synodal writing calls for people with homosexual tendencies to provide the “necessary help” to “understand and fully fulfill the will of God in their lives.” In the following paragraph, the Pope refuses all attempts to approximate a same-sex marriage relationship. There is “… no basis for establishing analogies between homosexual communities and God’s plan of marriage and family, not even in a wider sense.” (AL 251)
    Also in the current Special Edition of the Church Gazettewith the title “Discover New” is referred to the pair blessings for Valentine’s Day. Literally it says there: “Some parishes in Upper Austria invite to services and blessings for same-sex and homosexual (!) Couples.”

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