Coming Soon: Bishops with Wives (and Children) or “Girlfriends” – with Precedent Being Set by Vatican Agreement with ChiCom “Patriotic” Church

[Coming Soon to the Catholic Church: Bishops with Wives (and Children) or “Girlfriends”? – With Precedent Being Set by NewVatican Agreement with ChiCom “Patriotic Church”]

[Similar to the practice of married “bishops” in the Anglican/Episcopalian and Lutheran churches, both of which also have bishopesses: Will that also be embraced by NewChurch? – AQ moderator Tom] 

[Pope Francis embracing Swedish “Archbishop” Antje Jackelen (Swedish for “Auntie Jackie”?]

Catholic World News – 2/13/18

After a Rome-sanctioned bishop agreed to stand aside (see 59-Year Old Chinese Bishop Will Abandon His Flock At Vatican’s Request), the only impediments to an agreement are two bishops with families [and two with “girlfriends”] according to the Asian Catholic news agency (see UCANews Vatican deal with China moves closer). 


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