If You Were A Protestant, What Would You Do?

If you were a Protestant in a sincere search for the Truth and you heard about the all the sex abuse cases in the Roman Catholic Church of today, what would you do? Seriously, what would you do? I daresay you would avoid the Catholic Church like the plague. So, this is the problem facing Jorge Bergoglio as he attempts to govern the Church in the 21st century? Will he continue to attempt to cover-up the abuses by blaming the victims and impugning their integrity or, will he act to remove this cancer in the priesthood and restore Tradition to its rightful place in the Church?

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2 comments on “If You Were A Protestant, What Would You Do?

  1. They need to drain the swamp and the stench of cover ups. But instead of doing what they should do , they will continue on their present course. I would throw the whole lot of them in jail, if they continue the cover ups and sex abuse or anything else for that matter. I would certainly revoke their diplomatic status, until we get extradition rights so they can’t hide these perverts in the Vatican swamp. But as long as the money keeps coming in and bringing terrorists into this country is a profit center for Catholic Charities, nothing will change and the perverts will keep running the Church !

  2. I’ve seen reports that the number of rabbis and protestant “leaders” who do exactly the same thing is, per capita, higher than that among priests.
    That was years ago so whether the gap has closed, per capita, I cannot say.

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