German Priest Has Blessed Pseudo-Sodomarriages Fifty Times – Publicly

German Priest Has Blessed Pseudo-Sodomarriages Fifty Times – Publicly – 2/12/18
In the last fifteen years Father Christoph Simonsen, a university chaplain in Aachen, Germany, has blessed about fifty gay pseudo-marriages. The sacrileges took place in different churches, mostly on the same day as the state gay pseudo-marriage.

According to (February 6) these sacrileges were publicly known. Simonsen does not hide his sacrileges because this would “reduce their meaning”.

The present bishop of Aachen is Monsignor Helmut Dieser. The old-rite Trappist Abbey Mariawald which will be closed down soon is also in this diocese.

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4 comments on “German Priest Has Blessed Pseudo-Sodomarriages Fifty Times – Publicly

  1. Cardinal Müller, Blessing Of Gay Couples Is Abomination – 2/12/18

    Talking in Bratislava, Slovakia, Cardinal Gerhard Müller criticised a „submissive conversion of the Church into an NGO” concerned with this-worldly conditions only. For him this constitutes a “suicidal modernization” of the Church.

    According to the German newspaper Tagespost (February 7), Müller is not happy about different interpretations of Amoris Laetitia offered by different bishops conferences. “There can be no plurality in dogmatic questions”, he said.

    Müller called Church blessings of gay pseudo-marriages „an abomination at a holy place” which approves of something God does not approve.

  2. Austrian Bishop: You Can Bless Neither Pseudo-Sodomarriages Nor Concentration Camps

    Replying to Munich Cardinal Marx’ proposal to “bless” pseudo-sodomarriages, retired Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun pointed out that sin, including brothels or concentration camps, cannot be blessed.

    Writing on (February 12), Laun called the individual-case trick with which Marx wants to introduce gay blessings “absolutely worthless” asking what Saint John the Baptist would have said if Herod, when taking his brother’s wife, had excused his adultery as “individual case”.

  3. Happily, I am largely in agreement with Cd. Mueller’s thesis on the entirely POLITICAL nature and intent of the whole stinky schmear of catastrophes he’s looking at. It is nothing if not that (as one particularly un-noteworthy and prolixity-prone AQ poster has been waving his arms and screaming about since 2007. ☺)
    His Eminence also used a term familiar to SSPXers since the 1980s, “suicide”, in re. the wanton materialist aims of the Regime. How ’bout dat, sports fans?
    Whatever they’re serving in picturesque Bratislavan cocktail lounges these days, I for one would like to send a case of it to every cardinal yet to not have gone completely mad.
    Skol ! 👍👍👍

  4. So far, that makes one former chief justice of the Church’s Supreme Court and one former Doctrinal Inquisitor-in-chief to have gone public with deeply serious concerns over the eternal stakes involved for every Catholic in the world -ever since a former chem lab technician and current BFF of the Red Chinese Politburo became Maximum Leader of the Junta occupying the Motel 6 in ever sunny, evermore insane Nuovo Roma. Were I the editor-in-chief of a great metropolitan newspaper right now, I’d start planning a new den in my home to display all the Pulitzer and other industry trophies I’d expect to walk off with over the next 24 months.

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