FrankenPope’s Next Victim: The Priestly Society Familia Christi

FrankenPope’s Next Victim: The Priestly Society Familia Christi

[The NewVatican’s anti-traditional religious order juggernaut rolls on!] – 2/11/18
While the Vatican is turning a blind eye on the old, liberal and overaged religious communities which are falling into gay-ideology and heresy, it is at the same time ferociously persecuting young groups because they are Catholic and dynamic.

According to the blog Anonimi della Croce, Francis’ next victim will be the Priestly Fraternity Familia Christi. It was erected as a diocesan community by now retired Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara, Italy whose resignation Francis quickly accepted after he reached the age of 75 in November 2016.

The blog reports that the Vatican is about to put the group under a commissary. In the past, the Familia Christi has received a group of former novices of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate who left before this group was put under a commissary in July 2013. According to the blog this has angered the liberal Vatican very much.

An apostolic visitation at the Familia Christi will take place from 20 to 22 February.

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7 comments on “FrankenPope’s Next Victim: The Priestly Society Familia Christi

  1. If true, which seems likely, might the soon to be demolished FCs want to get on the horn to Econe or to wherever the FSSP’s HQ is located?
    The now totally demolished FFI took pains to clarify it schizophrenicaly embraced the NO charade as well as the TLM “option” under SP – and it was still crushed so perhaps either safe harbor’s
    powers that be will offer them a rather cool reception. I dunno. What a mess.

  2. I often thought that if The SSPX became controlled by the Vatican, the FSSP, would be forced to abandon The TLM and be forced to say the NO only or some combination of the NO with the Latin Mass in some form. The FSSP’s survival depends on the Vatican , since it is under Vatican protection , But what the Vatican givith, the Vatican can Take also . I believe the FSSP’s main headquarters is Freiburg,Switzerland, and North American headquarters are in eastern Pennsylvania. If the rumors about an ecumenical Mass are true , it will be interesting to see how all this plays out with potentially three separate Masses on the Horizon! Something has to give , and my bet it is the TLM, especially with this Pope! Next year could get interesting!

    • Well, Captain, I can only put the FSSP in the category of “fence-sitters” since they accept the incongruity of two masses both of which claim to be the True which, of course, cannot be true (principle of non-contradiction). But, the clear definition of their stance was shown to me when I attended Mass at their “approved” Mass and when attending Confession before Mass was told by the priest that I could only receive “conditional absolution” from him since he knew that I had been attending an independent TLM in that same diocese celebrated by priests with former ties to the SSPX and Archbishop Lefevbre.
      Fact of the matter is the FSSP was erected by the newchurch with the specific purpose of drawing away adherents of the SSPX and the Archbishop, at least in theory. Anyone with half a brain who was educated in the Faith before 1962 knows that the new mass is an abomination with its concurrent abuses too numerous to mention here. The Ottaviani Intervention says all that needs to said about that.

      • I agree ! That is why I ended with this whole mess of the Mass could get very interesting depending on how the Ecumenical Mass roll out goes. Also the fssp priest in the confessional was wrong ! The Mass said by an independent priest or SSPX priest is just as valid , or maybe more so than any fssp or NO priest ! I had a similar incident in the confessional , when right after 911, I told the priest I was always angry and just wanted to kill those jihadiis for what they did to the World Trade Center and attacking the US ! The priest then said , it was the fault of the US that they did this horrible act. I then proceeded to read that liberal hippy priest the riot act. I do not think he had ever run into someone like me ! Still doing the penance he gave me ! On the Glock I carry , I have an American Flag 🇺🇸, a Homeland Security agent once remarked, he likedthe gun I carry , I said I wanted the Jihaddi to know who killed him ! Still feel that way. I have also read a speech by the head of the fssp, he knows that the Church cannot have two Masses, and that something has to change. Also you are correct, in that most bishops do not like the fssp, but keep them around to counter the SSPX. Like I said this is about to get interesting!

  3. Religious orders and congregations offer stability, which is why they have been historically the vehicles of reform in the Church. But this kind of reform is not acceptable to the modernists, hence they believe that they must obstruct and thwart any efforts of restoring the TLM and the traditional Breviary (Roman or Monastic) as well as Gregorian chant within religious orders or institutes. This is why I too fear for the SSPX, the FSSP, ICK, and others. What a sad and frustrating situation.

  4. Unless God personally appears on the balcony at St. Peter’s, in the middle of one of the former Abp. of Buenos Aires’ useless but increasingly dangerous perorations, and causes the chaplain of waste recyclers to levitate and then soar, oh say, 200 feet above those gathered in the piazza and then spin like a top while the Almighty “explains a few things”…
    … Dey ain’t nuttin’ gonna get no better, no how. No suh! No way.
    It’s. Just. That. Bad. (Uh, huh!) 😨😨😨

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