For FrancisChurch, Communism Is The New Catholicism.

For FrancisChurch, Communism Is The New Catholicism.

The perversion of the Church these days is epitomised by the statement of a high Vatican prelate, Archbishop Sorondo, stating that these days, the Chinese Government are those who best understand the social doctrine of the Church.

I don’t even know where to start.

Even if this were, absurdly, true, the fact remains that the Chinese Government is an atheist, anticlerical one. Plus, their one-child policy has already caused dozen of Holocausts piled up. None of this seem to matter. If Hitler had been very big on social doctrine, would today’s Vatican have supported him?

But even the absurd premise is just that: absurd. By definition, the social doctrine of the church is strongly opposed to communism, socialism and every form of forced wealth redistribution. Therefore, the archbishop is talking nonsense anyway.

The truth of the matter is, in short, this one: the Vatican is run by sympathisers of Communism; by people so atheist and so corrupt that they choose to wilfully attack Catholicism in order to promote Communism, and so damn stupid that they try to persuade you that Communism is the new Catholicism.

This is FrancisPapacy in simple terms: down with Catholicism, and let us support every godless government that supports our communist agenda.

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3 comments on “For FrancisChurch, Communism Is The New Catholicism.

  1. Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo in Wonderland

    Bernardo Cervellera – 2/7/18

    The President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences exalts China as the best implementer of the Churches’ social doctrine. The bishop seems oblivious to the shantytowns of Beijing and Shanghai, the expulsion of migrants, oppression of religious freedom. Appreciation for the Paris Climate Agreement, but silence on the links between wealth, corruption and pollution. An ideological approach that makes a laughing stock of the Church.

    Rome (AsiaNews) – When my friends tell me they are going to China, I always advise them not to stop at the shopping centers, the ultra-luxury hotels and the skyscrapers, but also to go to out to the peripheries to get a better picture of real China. Since the economic disaster into which it had sunk after Mao’s death, the country has certainly made great strides, lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, modernizing industries and becoming an economic superpower that now overshadows the United States.

    But from here to presenting China as the “Land of Wonders” is a bit too far. In his interview following his recent trip to Beijing, Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo describes a China that does not exist or that vigilant Chinese escorts did not show him.

    “There are no shantytowns”, proclaims Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo. Did our bishop try to go to the south of the capital, where for months the city government has been destroying buildings and houses and driving away tens of thousands of migrant workers? Not to mention the suburbs of Shanghai or other Chinese megalopolis, where a “cleansing” is underway and a ban on the “low-end” and defenceless population?

    The bishop, who is President of the Pontifical Academy for Sciences, even states that the Chinese are “the best implementers of the Churches’ social doctrine”. But perhaps he is not referring to these mass expulsions, which are very similar to a fruit of the “culture of waste” so highly criticized by Pope Francis.

    “No drugs”, says the bishop: but did he go to Chinese prisons, filled with drug dealers and drug addicts, many facing the death sentence? And in Shenzhen, which is also the drug hub for Hong Kong?

    Not to mention religious freedom in China. Religious freedom should be a pillar of the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. We should perhaps propose the bishop read the daily news tracking violence, arrests of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, abuses on domestic churches, checks on official churches. The same rough road of dialogue between China and the Vatican shows the difficulty with which Beijing is reluctant to swallow drops of religious freedom for Catholics.

    Maybe someone should tell Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo that since February 1, since the implementation of the new regulations, all the unofficial churches have been closed and at least 6 million Catholics have no meeting places: the threat of the regime that “best implements of the Churches’ social doctrine” is arrest, stratospheric fines and expropriation of the buildings where the faithful gather. Furthermore, local authorities will henceforth prohibit “minors under the age of 18” from entering churches, even official ones. As one priest said, “China has transformed the church into a night club, for adults only “.

    Let’s not mention the naivety with which Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo speaks of the Middle Kingdom as the place where one looks at the “common good”, where the economy does not dominate politics. What we need to mention, instead, is that in China the economy and politics are the same thing; that the billionaires sit in the Chinese parliament and determine politics according to their interests, which are not those of the rest of the population. According to scholars, at least one third of the Chinese population does not directly benefit from China’s economic development: farmers and migrants are not guaranteed land ownership (promised in the days of Mao and never kept); social rights and sometimes even pay are withheld, as shown by the monthly reports of the China Labor Bulletin.

    Of course, and the bishop rightly states that China – unlike Trump and the United States – has decided to remain in the Paris Agreement on climate. But for now “it has promised” to work to stop pollution, and the country has the most destroyed and poisonous environment in the world. This is undoubtedly the fault of many Western investors who exploit the sluggish Chinese legislation, but it is also the fault of the greed and corruption of Party members who prefer, just like many in the world, an immediate profit at the expense of their own population.

    We can understand that in the enthusiasm of wanting an agreement between China and the Vatican, Chinese culture, Chinese people and Chinese mentality are exaggerated and exalted – as Pope Francis does – but presenting China as a model … We should listen to the African bishops, who see the economy of their countries destroyed by the invasion of Chinese investment and labor and who watch as their resources are stolen from them, just as it once happened with the western colonizers.

    It is true that in the world everyone is pressed to choose between the United States and China, between liberal capitalism and state capitalism, but the idolization of China is an ideological affirmation that makes a laughing stock of the Church and harms the world.

  2. Flying into Beijing at about 60 miles out and at 18000 feet you start to smell the garbage burning and the visibility is so bad on the approach it down to half mile at best , even though it is clear and no clouds ☁️ anywhere! Get to the Hotel, a Holiday Inn and if the A/c broke, which it did often, you could not open the tiny window to let in fresh air, because there was none. All you could smell was garbage. I have had women offer me children for sale, plus other things, the Russian Mafia were running hookers out of the bar upstairs and were in cahoots with the local police who would break into your room and shake one down, for $ 500 US and they did not take American Express! I had to bail someone out one night. Driving to the new airport in Shanghai, the roads are beautiful, but no body was on it, pig farms are within 50 meters of the highway and poverty is everywhere! In fact there was a sign in my hotel room hidden behind the ice bucket, the water is not safe to drink ! I spent a lot of time in Asia and had never seen that in a hotel before ! I attended Mass in the Cathedral in Singapore and it was filled , I never saw a Church in China ! I spent a lot of time all over Asia and have seen the good with the bad ! As far as Religious Liberty goes and freedom to worship , China is at the bottom ! The dysfunctional idiots who praise China are just that, idiots, and the BS they put out are often seen 50 meters from the road !

  3. Your first hand report is most appreciated, Skipper.
    All totalitarian regimes are, by definition, kleptocracies. Thus, the exquisitely unfit “prelate” and his ilk in sunny Nuovo Roma implicitly endorse massive state run grand larceny, along with genocidal laws and literal slavery.
    Hierarchical idiocy is plumbing new depths under Che’s suzerainity but these fraudulent ecclesial revolutionaries were embedded within the Church long before His Humbleness raised them up to positions where they could inflict even more heinous attacks against the Faith.

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