Hottest Pope Video Ever!

Hottest Pope Video Ever!

T and A Where “T” = “Thighs;” “A” You Know

Hey, guys, you do not want to miss this month’s PSA (Papal Service Announcement). Check out the rear end and thighs on that chick in the miniskirt bending down to talk through the car window. The hot B-roll starts (that’s right) 14 sex, er, secs in.


The Bear heartily approves of the eye candy in the latest PSA and is confident it will boost sagging ratings. By next February’s PSA, the Bear expects some real Game of Thrones sex.

By the Way, What are We Supposed to Be Praying For?
Oh, yeah. So, what is this month’s PSA about?
Jorge takes on the Mafia. Sort of.
The Bear knows this only because of the brief shot of the monument to Giovanni Falcone on the A29 to Palermo. He was an anti-Mafia prosecutor whose car was blown up on May 23, 1992 by the Corleonesi Mafia.
It is a true fact that the Bear and his mother missed the assassination by mere minutes. The Bear was driving her to Palermo to see the sights. (The sights in Palermo were much more edifying than the ones in this PSA, in case you’re wondering.)
The Bear must take away two salmon of five, however, and give it a three-salmon rating due to the lack of action. A scene of Jorge Bergoglio pumping a smoking Remington 12-gauge one-handed while saying “Hasta la vista, Baby,” as he blows away Mafiosi would have been welcome. Even GoT does not rely on sex alone, but has impressive battle scenes.
You’re going to tell Bear the Pope can’t afford those? Imagine Pope Francis riding a dragon and toasting Michael Corleone’s Lake Tahoe hideout. Imagine him emerging from the burning hut as Father of-
On second thought, don’t imagine that. Oh, dear, you already did. Sorry.
By the way, did that Vatican banking scandal about laundering Mafia money ever get resolved to everyone’s satisfaction?
Mafia Causes Global Warming and Capitalism
The Bear would be remiss not to alert his hibernating friend Oakes Spalding over at Mahound’s Paradise of the presence of a black person in this video, although granted it was during the voice-over about “slavery.” The Bear thinks he is keeping count. If so, he is not yet on the digits of his second paw.
“Corruption,” by which we are to understand “the Mafia,” is responsible for unemployment, slavery, and “disregard for nature and goods held in common.”

How the Pope missed “loneliness of the elderly” the Bear does not know.
So, just say “no” to the Mafia.
But, say “si” to the eye candy, guys. It’s a Pope Video. It’s okay.
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