Meet the Buzzfeed hack firing bitter pills at Father Z

Monday, 5 February 2018

Meet the Buzzfeed hack firing bitter pills at Father Z

Until I came across this piece, a hatchet job on “blogger priest” Father Z, I wasn’t really aware that Buzzfeed did semi-serious journalism.In fact, it usually turns up on Twitter via its moronic quizzes. Which Famous Serial Killer Are You? Which Heretical Jesuit Are You? Which Fatal Illness Are You?

Buzzfeed garbage

Excuse my French! Apparently someone is paid to produce this garbage.

Still, we stumbled across something, and it turned out to be the immortal prose of one Joseph Bernstein. In the eyes of little Joseph, anyone who is not a committed Democrat is probably alt-right. Three of the sad little figureheads of Catholic Liberalism (or do I mean Liberal Catholicism?) are wheeled out: alt-Jesuit Jimmy Martin (catchphrase, “it’s HATE”), odd-bod theologian Massimo Faggioli, and “Catholic Whiners” founder Austen Ivereigh. They all get a chance to put the boot in.

Well, I don’t always agree with Father Z: indeed I have blogged about his fondness for guns (but he’s American, and they still need them in Wisconsin for predatory redcoats, Injuns, buffaloes, drug-dealers, Democrats, Jesuits, etc., so I guess he has an excuse). There’s also his excessive use of red ink, and, worst of all, the fact that I’m not allowed to comment on his blog, whereas so many less-saved people can do so. Oh, and he plugs “Mystic Monk” coffee, when my own “Numinous Nun” brand is far better.

Fr Z

An oldie, but a goodie. Fr Z takes the cure.

Well I looked up Joseph Bernstein, and his track record for boring articles is pretty good. Some time I must find out who Chelsea Manning is (all I know is that he was originally called Aston Villa Manning), and try and get excited about a museum that wants all its donors to believe in climate change…zzz…zzz…

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, the bitter pills fired at Father Z. Well, as Father DL notes (more-or-less), Mr Weinstein doesn’t realise that Catholicism is more about tradition/modernism and orthodoxy/heterodoxy than straightforward right/left politics. Although you nay suspect that Benedict XVI votes for the Partito Italiano Conservativo, while Francis leans towards the Marxisto-Leninisto Socialisto Partito.

Francis and Benedict

“Sigh! I guess our prayers are cancelling each other out as well.”

Anyway, I need to change my name from Eccles to something extravagantly long, so that I can then be referred to affectionately as “Frater E”. Something like Ecclesiasticolongendorf should do the trick. Then I too can be noticed by… drat, I’ve forgotten his name already. That Buzz Lightyear person.

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