The Destruction of Swedom and Germannah 


[I made one addition to the post, adding “FrankenPope with Antje Jackelén (Swedish for Auntie Jackie” to the caption the picture of their embrace.  Also, I changed one word in the text – namely, Cardinal Marx’s first name from “Rhino” (Bruvver Eccles’ nickname for His Eminence) to “Cino” (for “Catholic in name other” – a more appropriate description of him).  I think that Bruvver Eccles and Laurence England are “hands down” on EOTT Eye of the Tiber)! = AQ moderator Tom]

Sunday, 4 February 2018

1. And the people of Swedom and Germannah did great evil in the sight of the Lord.

2. Now some of them were Lutherans, but the Lord said “I shall not destroy them by fire, for they know no better.”

Pope and Antje Jackelen

“How nice of you to come and celebrate 500 years of heresy!” [FrankenPope with Antje Jackelén (Swedish for Auntie Jackie)] 

3. However, the Catholics of Germannah had no such excuse, and the Lord was grievously offended by their deeds.

4. For there was a man named Cino Marx, who had been set up as a leader of the Catholics of Germannah.

5. He came of a noble lineage, for his father was Karl, and his brothers included Groucho, Chico and Harpo.

Rhino Marx

Cino, the last of the Marx brothers.

7. And in Germannah Cino had decreed that there was only one possible sin.

8. Thus the man who committed adultery, the thief, the murderer, the bearer of false witness, and he who coveted his neighbour’s ox were all deemed to be righteous.

9. But woe unto him who paid not his church taxes, for he would be excommunicated.

10. And Cino Marx had a bed of iron, like unto that of Og of Bashan. For he had grown so fat by spending his church taxes on fatted calves and beer, that no wooden bed could support him.

Marx and Francis

“Guess what the Church is going to do next, Holy Father!”

11. Then one day Cino spake out, saying, “Let us bless the unions of man with man, and woman with woman, which are very common in the lands of Swedom and Germannah.”

12. “For there can be no evil in this if they have paid their church taxes.”

13. And the Lord was exceeding wrathful, and said “I have made enough allowances for this fat buffoon.”

14. “The time cometh soon when I shall rain brimstone and fire down on the land of Germannah.”

15. And it was so.

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