Austrian Cathedral Will Be Disfigured

Austrian Cathedral Will Be Disfigured

[They’re still “wreckovating” cathedrals, churches and chapels in the name of Vatican II – more than 50 years after that council.  Similar to the New Liturgical Movement (personified by the website of that name), I guess they still haven’t heard about the New Sacred Architecture Movement (a la Duncan Stroik et al.)! – AQ moderator Tom] – 2/4/18
The 15th century choir of the cathedral of the Austrian Military Ordinariate in Wiener Neustadt is about to be disfigured. The high altar will be removed and make room for chairs. It will be replaced by a table. Military Bishop Werner Freistetter is responsible for this devastation which will start in summer 2018.

Freistetter was consecrated a bishop in June 2015. Already in January 2016 he dissolved the military parish of his cathedral in order to get rid of the parish-priest, Father Siegfried Lochner who ran a very dynamic, young and Catholic parish, including families. Under the new, paleo-liberal regime, Masses gather less than twenty people.

The dietruction of the parish was done under the pretext of financial reasons. However, the planned reconstruction will cost several hundred thousand euros.

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