The Parolin Interview:  A Master of Double Talk Confirms the Pending Betrayal of the Catholics of China

The Parolin Interview:  A Master of Double Talk Confirms the Pending Betrayal of the Catholics of China

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 1, 2018

As Cardinal Zen publicly protests the plot to compel true Catholic bishops in China to resign in favor of illicitly consecrated puppets of Beijing who belong to its communist-controlled pseudo-church, the Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA), the Vatican has ramped up its public relations offensive in favor of the planned betrayal.  This includes an interview with Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, just published in Vatican Insider.

We have here a master of Vatican double-talk at work.  On and on he goes, piling up the word salad in order to hide the dead fly at the bottom of the bowl: i.e., the Vatican is prepared to capitulate to Chinese communist control over the visible Church in China via the CPA.

I provide herewith a translation of the Cardinal’s double-talk:

“The Holy See has always maintained a pastoral approach, trying to overcome the contrasts and making itself available for a respectful and constructive dialogue with the civil authorities.”

Translation: The Vatican is bargaining with the devil in Beijing.

“In Pope Francis’ pontificate, the ongoing negotiations move exactly along these lines: constructive openness to dialogue and fidelity to the genuine Tradition of the Church.”

Translation: We pay lip service to Tradition as we negotiate the terms of its destruction in China.

“First of all, I would like to make a premise: in China, perhaps more than elsewhere, Catholics have been able to preserve, despite the many difficulties and sufferings, the authentic deposit of faith, keeping firmly the bond of hierarchical communion between the Bishops and the Successor of Peter, as a visible guarantee of faith itself.”

Translation: The illicitly consecrated, schismatic bishops attached to the CPA, all under the thumb of communist dictators, are in “communion” with Rome no less than the legitimate “underground” bishops.

“You see, in China there are not two Churches, but two communities of faithful called to follow a gradual path of reconciliation towards unity.”

Translation:  The CPA — created by communists to oppress the Catholic Church in China, usurp its episcopate and subject its members to government domination — is no less a part of the Church than the persecuted “underground” Church. Both are equally “communities of the faithful.”

“It is not, therefore, a matter of maintaining a perennial conflict between opposing principles and structures, but of finding realistic pastoral solutions that allow Catholics to live their faith and to continue together the work of evangelization in the specific Chinese context.”

Translation: The Vatican will capitulate to the legitimization of the communist-controlled CPA, a blatant schism, to which we will now refer euphemistically as a trivial “conflict between principles and structures.”

“Time and patience are needed to heal the many personal wounds inflicted on each other within the communities.”

Translation: The communist-created and controlled CPA and the brutally persecuted “underground” Church are morally equivalent, with each being guilty of wrongs against the other.

“Unfortunately, it is certain that there will still be misunderstandings, fatigue and suffering to be faced.”

Translation: We are going to betray the “underground” Catholics, who will “misunderstand” their betrayal.

“But we all have confidence that, once the issue of the Episcopal appointments has been adequately considered, the remaining difficulties should no longer be such as to prevent Chinese Catholics from living in communion with each other and with the Pope.”

Translation:  We are working on a deal under which the CPA will be legitimated and the communists and atheists in Beijing will be given some measure of control over the appointment of bishops, thus betraying the faithful Catholics of the “underground” Church who have suffered oppression, imprisonment and even death rather than join a communist pseudo-church.

“With honesty and realism, the Church asks nothing but to profess her faith with more serenity, definitively ending a long period of contrasts, in order to give more room for greater trust and offer the positive contribution of Catholics to the good of Chinese society as a whole.”

Translation: The illegitimate existence of the CPA in opposition to the true Church in China is a mere “contrast” we are now prepared to overlook, thus betraying the Catholics who have suffered for decades rather than join a communist-created schism.

“If you are not ready to forgive, this means, unfortunately, that there are other interests to defend: but this is not an evangelical perspective.”

Translation: The Catholics of the true Church in China must be ready to forgive their communist oppressors as the Vatican prepares to capitulate to the Beijing regime by recognizing the legitimacy of the CPA and its schismatic puppet bishops.

“I would like to say with great simplicity and clarity that the Church will never forget the past and present trials and sufferings of Chinese Catholics. All this is a great treasure for the universal Church. Therefore, to the Chinese Catholics I say with great fraternity: we are close to you, not only through prayer, but also through our daily commitment to accompany and support you on the path of full communion. We ask you, therefore, that no one should cling to the spirit of opposition to condemn his brother or use the past as an excuse to stir up new resentments and closures.”

Translation:  Thanks for all that suffering! We really appreciate it! But now, as we negotiate to sell you out to a communist dictatorship, you must stop acting with a spirit of opposition to your impending betrayal.

Asked one of the few tough questions the interview contains — about the basis for his trust in Beijing — Parolin provided this whopper:

“Trust is not the result of the strength of diplomacy or negotiations. Trust is based on the Lord who guides history. We trust that the Chinese faithful, thanks to their sense of faith, will know how to recognize that the action of the Holy See is animated by this trust, which does not respond to worldly logics. It is especially up to the pastors to help the faithful to recognize in the Pope’s guidance the sure reference point for grasping God’s plan in the present circumstances.”

Translation:  It is the Lord Who wishes you to capitulate to the communists in Beijing, and you must blindly trust that the Pope is merely the Lord’s instrument in this affair.

Asked to comment on the objection that the Vatican was engaged in “a true ‘surrender’ for political reasons,” Parolin ramped up his obfuscation machine:

“I think, first of all, that in the Church there is a full right to disagree and to tell one’s own criticisms, and that the Holy See has a moral duty to listen to them and to evaluate them carefully. I am also convinced that, among Christians, criticism should be directed at building communion and not at stirring up divisions. To be frank, I will tell you: I am also convinced that part of the suffering experienced by the Church in China is not so much due to the will of individuals as to the objective complexity of the situation. Therefore, it is legitimate to have different views over the most appropriate responses to the problems of the past and present. That is entirely reasonable. Having said that, I think that no personal point of view can be considered as an exclusive interpreter of what is good for Chinese Catholics. Therefore, the Holy See works to find a synthesis of truth and a practicable way to respond to the legitimate expectations of the faithful, inside and outside China. It takes greater humility and spirit of faith to discover together God’s plan for the Church in China. It takes greater caution and moderation on the part of everyone in order not to fall into sterile polemics that hurt communion and rob our hope for a better future”.

Translation:  We respect the opinion of those we are planning to betray, and will certainly consider it in arriving at our “synthesis of truth” — that is, the betrayal of the true Catholics of China — but blah, blah, blah.

To which the interviewer replied, appropriately enough: “What do you mean?” What does he mean, indeed?  A translation is needed, and I have provided it here.

But Parolin was not done with his double talk.  He concluded the interview with some classic Modernist bafflegab:

“I mean that we are all called to distinguish more appropriately the spiritual and pastoral dimension from that of politics. Let us start, for example, with the words we use every day.Expressions such as power, betrayal, resistance, surrender, confrontation, failure, compromise, should make room for others, such as service, dialogue, mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation, collaboration, communion. If you are not prepared to change this approach, there is a serious problem: that of thinking and acting only politically. In this regard, the Holy See hopes for everyone a sincere pastoral conversion inspired by the Gospel of mercy, in order to learn to welcome one another among brothers and sisters, as Pope Francis has often called for.”

Translation:  Don’t think of what we are doing as a betrayal or surrender of the true Church in favor of a communist-created schism, and stop thinking in terms of resistance to the communist regime in Beijing. Think only nice thoughts instead: mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation, collaboration, and communion.  That way you can ignore the truth that we are selling you out to a gang of atheists and communists.

In sum, the Parolin interview is yet another example of how the post-conciliar Vatican has become the ecclesial equivalent of the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s Oceania. And here, yet again, we see the peril of the ascendancy of the Vatican Secretary of State after Vatican II, a development Father Gruner never ceased to condemn as a signal event in the greatest crisis the Church has ever seen — the very crisis predicted in the Third Secret of Fatima.

We can only pray that the Lord of History so shamelessly invoked by Cardinal Parolin to justify his human folly intervenes precisely in order to prevent it. May Our Lady of Fatima intercede before the Lord of History to obtain justice for the long-suffering faithful Catholics of China, as we await the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

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