Georgetown University accused of siphoning checks from pro-family club to LGBT-affiliated groups

Georgetown University accused of siphoning checks from pro-family club to LGBT-affiliated groups

Nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university systematically took private donations intended for Love Saxa, a pro-family, pro-life student group, and illegally deposited them into the accounts of other student organizations

[The fraudulent fungibility of funds: “Money is fungible—money that is raised for one purpose can easily be used for another”; or, “There’s a fungus among us”]

Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter Thursday to Georgetown University calling for a thorough investigation into the university’s apparent misappropriation of donations made to a pro-family student organization. The letter details how the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university systematically took private donations intended for Love Saxa and illegally deposited them into the accounts of other student organizations.

A donor check to Love Saxa. Receipt for this check shown below. (Click on image to enlarge. Image credit Alliance Defending Freedom)

Last fall, Love Saxa outlined its views on marriage and the family, which align with official Catholic teaching. This sparked a campus firestorm with students demanding that Georgetown derecognizethe club. Georgetown investigated Love Saxa for weeks and quizzed its officers for almost four hours before finally rejecting those calls and refusing to kick the group off campus for advocating views that mirror Catholic teaching on a Catholic campus.

The ADF letter describes how several donations from private individuals to Love Saxa were misappropriated “either [by] funneling those funds to different organizations or just losing them completely.”

The receipt issued by Georgetown University for the donation shows it was allocated to LGBTQ Resource Center Reserve. (Click on image to enlarge. Image credit Alliance Defending Freedom)

For example, in November 2017, an individual sent Love Saxa a check for $50, which the club’s president, Amelia Irvine, promptly deposited with Georgetown officials. But Love Saxa never received the funds, and the donor received a receipt from Georgetown showing that his donation had been credited to the LGBTQ Resource Center Reserve.

The following month, another donor contributed $100 to Love Saxa through a university phonathon. The receipt he received, however, showed that Georgetown directed his donation to the Saxatones, a musical group that partners with another LGBT advocacy organization, the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League of Washington, D.C. That same month, Irvine deposited another donor’s $250 check into her club’s account, but the club has not received those funds either.

Full story at Alliance Defending Freedom.

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4 comments on “Georgetown University accused of siphoning checks from pro-family club to LGBT-affiliated groups

  1. When a formerly “Catholic” college no longer hires Catholics for its faculty or administrative positions there is no reason to expect that funds sent to it will be used for authentic Catholic purposes. Sadly, the cabal of modernists that assumed control at Georgetown after Vatican II made a conscious decision to distance themselves from Catholic identity, to hire non-Catholics, and to imitate Harvard and the Ivies in a pathetic self-abasement due to liberal status anxiety. Georgetown was brutally and ruthlessly secularized and de-Catholicized by shameless apostate modernists following the protocols of the Land O’Lakes conference, a silly anti-Catholic modernist agenda which was responsible for destroying Catholic identity at many American Catholic colleges and universities, leading to the present malaise.

    These modernist efforts to secularize and de-Catholicize Georgetown in the image of anti-Catholic Ivy League institutions were criticized by Professor Carroll Quigley in the 1960s when they were being imposed by the modernist weasels in charge at Georgetown University:


    History Professor Relates School’s Difficulties To
    Lack Of Direction, Loss Of Christian Foundations

    by Carroll Quigley, Ph.D.
    Professor of History
    (The Hoya, Friday, April 28, 1967)

    “What does hurt is to realize that Georgetown has, for years, had a golden opportunity, such as GW never could have, to make a great contribution to American education, but has, again and again, muffed that opportunity because of the increasingly frantic pursuit of strange, alien gods by the rulers of Georgetown.

    Georgetown has had this opportunity for one simply stated but complexly true reason: because it was Catholic. But, instead of being Catholic, or even Jesuit, Georgetown has rudely turned its back on its one chance of making any contribution to American education and has instead almost totally destroyed its opportunity for becoming an excellent Catholic university and a good American university, in its frantic drive to become a fifth-rate Harvard. Those who vaguely feel this error, including the rulers of the University itself, correctly attribute it to “lack of leadership” on the part of those rulers. But again, in another rejection of their own traditions — the traditions of the Christian West — they neglect to define what they mean by leadership and, at the back of their minds, use a purely operational definition, that educational leadership is what poor misguided men like James Conant and Harold Dodds have done, or advocate doing. Any observer who has even a glimmering of an idea what education and leadership really imply and, in addition, knows what Conant and Dodds did to Harvard and Princeton, can only hope that Georgetown can be spared the Conant-Dodds influence and, instead, finds the way to real education and real leadership by getting back to our Christian heritage (not as indoctrination but as a technique for responsible cooperative activity in terms of real goals with real values).

    The rulers of Georgetown University have never stopped to ask themselves: What is real education? What should we be trying to do? What can we do best, or better than anyone else around? What can our own traditions contribute to the improvement of American education? From the answers to these questions Georgetown could achieve the best undergraduate education in America and do it with less money than is now being wasted on the misguided, mis-emphasized, present drive to follow the so-called “great universities” down the slope after Harvard, Princeton, and Berkeley.”

  2. What decent, intelligent folks truly interested in educating their fellows need do is determine how sodomite Marxists, since the 50s and 60s, pulled off their revolution, reverse engineer that process and use the very same playbook to populate the faculty with orthodox Catholics.
    An ex-commie, Douglas Hyde, told any and all listeners that hardcore commies were, by orders of magnitude, more fervent in their “religion” than were 99% of Catholics – FIFTY + YEARS AGO!!!
    Obviously, matters have become literally impossible to correct, today.

    • Douglas Hyde fell victim to the lure of the post-V2 liberation theology and Christian-Marxist dialogue, causing him to lose his faith and return to his Socialist/Communist roots.

      The left-wing Anglo-American historical website Spartacus Educational’s article on him concludes:

      Hyde eventually left the Catholic Church. He was interviewed by the journalist Francis Beckett who later recalled that he “was alienated from the Catholic faith, had never found there the comradeship and care for the underdog which he had known in the Communist Party, and was much closer to his first faith than to the second.”
      On his last hospital admission form he listed himself as an “agnostic Christian.” Douglas Hyde died on 19th September 1996.

  3. I appreciate the updated info, Tom, tragic as it appears to be.

    I was going on memory from long ago having read something by him when he was still warning people against the Red menace. Sentiment trumping reason and doctrine is never a good idea. Thank you, again, Sir.

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