FrankenPope Will Be A “Tragic Failure”

FrankenPope Will Be A “Tragic Failure” – 2/2/18

Pope Francis will either be remembered as an immense success or as a tragic failure – with very little room in between, said the New York Times Columnist Ross Douthat. He expects however the latter.

During a debate at the Jesuit Fordham University, New York City, (January 31), Douthat declared that the Bergoglio Church is “drifting to a kind of Anglican model” in which Catholic teaching looks different in Warsaw than in Berlin.

According to Douthat in Francis’ “Anglican approach” there is “no official papal policy or maybe there is”, but “it is advanced to sort of publication of a private letter that slips later in the acts of the Holy See”. These changes will turn the Church in a kind of “liberal Protestantism with a Catholic dressing”. As a consequence Douthat expects “some breakages at some point”.

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