Voice From the Peripheries, Married Priests Are No Solution

Voice From the Peripheries, Married Priests Are No Solution

To ordain married men to the priesthood is not a “realistic solution” according to the excellent Bishop Kai Schmalhausen Panizo, the prelate of Ayaviri, Peru.

Talking to the German newspaper Die Tagespost (January 27), Schmalhausen said that the idea of married priests is the result of “pressure” and of a search for solutions that is “desperate”, adding, “This is precisely why such solutions are not healthy.”

For Schmalhausen abolishing celibacy would convey a wrong message to young people: “You cannot live celibacy. It is impossible to follow Jesus in this radical love to serve the neighbour.”

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One comment on “Voice From the Peripheries, Married Priests Are No Solution

  1. Bill Clinton, JFK, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and Henry VIII were all married. Marriage does not necessarily in itself solve the sex problem or predatory behavior.

    Secular liberals and progressive modernist neo-Catholics like to talk a line as if ending priestly celibacy would solve these problems. On the other hand, the Church is held hostage by crazy liberal homos and the Lavender mafia for various reasons. One of them is the mental disorder and aggressive behavior of crazy liberals homos enjoying the prank of pretending to be priests. Why is that? That has to be studied and there need to be forms of screening and weeding out such types from seminaries.

    The Bergoglian “Who am I to judge?” policy is not going to improve the situation.

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