L’Osservatore Romano Praises Swiss Prots

L’Osservatore Romano Praises Swiss Prots

by Father Reto Nay

en.news – 1/31/18

L’Osservatore Romano (January 15) published a whiny article about the Protestant church in Switzerland. According to the paper it is “renewing its visions and programs” in order to “answer the needs of a society in change”. A “real revolution” is allegedly underway.

The church’s “vision” is based on three points, writes L’Osservatore: “witness”, “open encounter” and “diversification of the forms of worship”. Is this also the fluffy “vision” of the Bergoglio-Church?

I happen to be Swiss-born and I have known the Swiss Protestants since my childhood. Already then, this church existed only on paper. It does not disappear because it is funded by a state tax-system which provides it with big money from people they have never seen and they will never see in their pews.

Who cares about “open encounter” with them? Who cares about their “diversified forms of worship”? Nobody. The “real revolution” will not take place.

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One comment on “L’Osservatore Romano Praises Swiss Prots

  1. A “church” that is, in fact, nothing more than one on paper, drafted by experts in offshore banking, a cash cow milked by insiders, just might be what Über Progressives inside the Motel 6 are after.
    Germany showed ’em how and its empty churches are logos of Nervous Ordeal, Inc.
    With the USCCCP’s addiction to fed largesse toward hospital and immigration operations, collusion has become a way of life elites are no longer anxious to hide.

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