Clericalism is Alive and Well in Amchurch!


Clericalism is Alive and Well in Amchurch!

Does Fr. Martin follow the
Holy Spirit or the
Spirit of this world?

I’m always amused by accusations that orthodox Catholics who uphold the teachings of the Church are filled with fear, hatred, homophobia, anger, and are bullies, raging maniacs…well, you get the picture. James Martin, also known as “Father,” a Jesuit sadly reflective of the state to which that order has fallen, recently had another talk cancelled. It was due to the “haters” who run nasty, evil, vilifying…well you get the picture… websites and blogs that (sniff, sniff) result in the “censorship” of “progressives” like the good Fr. Martin who is compassionate, kind, sweet, loving…well you get the picture, upholder of all things perverse.

At any rate, Fr. Martin says none of these Catholics have a right to speak. The laity who disagree with him are just deplorable nasties who should get the boot from anyone exercising clerical authority in the Church. Bishops and pastors should just ignore us as unkind bullies who are filled with hate. Perhaps excommunication is in order…or even reinstitution of the Inquisition with Fr. Martin in the role of Torquemada. Can you imagine the fun Fr. Martin would have as Grand Inquisitor? He could share the role with Fr. Rosica who already practiced trying to burn Vox at the stake (or at least sue him into silence).

The role of the laity in these clerics’ opinions is to “pray, pay, and obey”….not Holy Mother Church, mind you, but their perverted ideas of progressive Catholicism which should wink at sodomy, lust, and the murder of the innocent. They long for the day when openly gay couples can “kiss” during Mass. It’s amazing how their hearts bleed for the poor, although whether they actually have anything to do with the poor is questionable. Fr. Martin certainly doesn’t have much time to bother with them while he’s out pushing his book normalizing homosexual activity, getting awards from  gay groups condemned by the Church, opining about “gay saints.” calling his opponents “Nazis,” etc.

Clericalism remains alive and well in the Church. Some “princes of the Church” (and their minions like Fr. Martin and Fr. Rosica) take that title literally and expect the hoi polloi in the pews to remember their place as stupid sheep waiting patiently to be fleeced. Unfortunately for them, those days are over. Many laity are as well (or better) educated than they are and refuse to shut their mouths when Holy Mother Church is under attack from their Judas antics.

We need always to remember to respect the office of clerics even those who have forgotten it. They bring us the Mass and the absolution of our sins. Even bad priests have that power. But we are not required to embrace their evil ideas. In fact, to do so would be to risk our souls. If they want to totter on the brink over the abyss, it’s their “choice,” but wise Catholics need to “test the spirits” and see which of our clerics are more in line with the spirit of this world than the Holy Spirit. Our souls depend on it!

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