Pope Francis announces a cultural revolution

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Pope Francis announces a cultural revolution

In his latest document Gaudeamus Igitur, our great Chairman Francis has announced a “cultural revolution” in pontifical universities. Thousands of capitalist running-dog theologians will be purged, and the rest sent out to the people’s farms to plant rice.Pope and Mao swimming

Our chairman, in excellent health, seen here swimming in the Tiber with some friends.

Members of the ruling Jesuit party applauded Chairman Francis’s latest “great leap forward”, condemning the “paper tigers” of traditional Catholicism. This follows the notorious “long march” (in fact a long aeroplane journey) towards a new Catholicism.

Naturally the Chairman’s supporters have been enthusiastically waving their little red books: these contain the thoughts of Chairman Francis, including his new translation of the “capitalist” Lord’s Prayer, and his new “people’s” Beatitudes.

little red book

The Thoughts of Chairman Francis.

Francis has promised to “let a hundred flowers” bloom, each symbolizing a new change in Church teaching. Critics of the regime have now largely disappeared, as “reactionary” party bishops have been sidelined and replaced by state-approved functionaries.

Sometimes, there has not been enough spineless people to go round. The Chairman’s latest innovation is to replace them with wobbly blancmanges, believing (rightly) that nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Monty Python blancmange

A typical Francis-appointed cardinal (with modernist crozier).

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2 comments on “Pope Francis announces a cultural revolution

  1. [A more frank analysis]

    “Veritatis Gaudium”: FrankenPope’s War Against Catholicism Rages On

    JAN 29, 2018
    Posted by Mundabor

    The latest production of the Evil Clown’s Catholicophobic mind is a new document giving instructions on how to better ruin [not run] Catholic faculties and other institutes of higher education, and make sure that Catholicism is substituted, for as far as practical, with the new mantras of the secular world: social justice, environmentalism, redistributionist rubbish.

    The rhetoric is deafening, with a repeated call to baldness in… not being Catholic. It is, in fact, as if Francis were saying to his main audience (those who hate Catholicism) : “see? I am still your darling! I might protect a bishop enabler of child abuse whenever I like the man, or the man is loyal to me; but please look at the big picture: I am as environ-mentalist as Al Gore, as Socialist as Bernie Sanders, and every bit a bitch as Angela Merkel! You gotta love me!”

    Thankfully for us, the propaganda is so open, so shameless that it does not need an intelligent reader to understand what is going on. Basically, Francis is doing the work for us and exposing himself as a faithless subversive without any need for long explanations.

    * * *

  2. Well, ol’ BE just topped hisself, again! Great stuff.
    And ol’ Mundabor appears to have reverted to form following a very recent item in which he left out his usual Jacobinish, snarky epithets and made his point, as a complete surprise, like a literate, civil and perceptive Catholic gent. Which, I suppose he is most of the day… until he powers up his PC and breathes fire, launching his cleverly-crafted thunderbolts, as only an Italian expat can.
    ; – )
    (Kudos to Tom for bringing both of these writers into AQ’s placid, never-contentious little tavern on the green, where beverages are always served up with a knowing smile and seldom is heard a discourteous word.)

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