Please: hold ‘Catholic’ Senators accountable for votes on late-term abortion

Please: hold ‘Catholic’ Senators accountable for votes on late-term abortion

[We await the photo-ops of their (and other) bishops meeting with one or more of these Senators on “more important” issues (such as immigration, welfare and capital punishment) or at other public occasions – especially in Catholic settings such as fund-raisers and graduation ceremonies (where the senator is the commencement speaker and/or the recipient of an honorary degree or other award) – AQ moderator Tom]

By Phil Lawler  | Jan 30, 2018

In the US Senate’s appalling vote, 14 Catholic lawmakers- all Democrats [sic; two of them are Republicans: Collins of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska – AQ moderator Tom]- blocked a bid to make late-term abortions illegal. Father Dwight Longenecker asks the right question: “What kind of Catholic Church are we if their pastors and bishops do not stand up publicly and rebuke these fourteen politicians?”

In case one of those Catholic politicians is your representative, and in case you’d like to encourage your pastors and bishops in the right direction, here’s the list:

· Maria Cantwell —Washington

· Susan Collins -Maine

· Dick Durbin —Illinois

· Kirsten Gillibrand —New York

· Heidi Heitkamp —North Dakota

· Tim Kaine —Virginia

· Patrick Leahy —Vermont
· Ed Markey —Massachussetts

· Catherine Cortez Masto —Nevada

· Claire McCaskill —Missouri

· Bob Menendez —New Jersey

· Lisa Murkowski —Alaska

· Patty Murray —Washington

· Jack Reed —Rhode Island

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5 comments on “Please: hold ‘Catholic’ Senators accountable for votes on late-term abortion

  1. We could take a wild guess that the Catholic understanding of the role of reason and natural law in ethical judgments was probably not being taught at secularized Unitarian colleges in the 1970s when the senator from Maine was an undergraduate. Thomistic philosophy and theology, however, were still being taught at Georgetown when the senator from Illinois was pursuing studies at Georgetown in the 1960s. If he is precocious enough to remember Professor Quigley’s dramatic deconstruction of oligarchy and tyranny from Plato’s Republic in the civilization course at Georgetown’s S.F.S., he should be mentally capable of explaining what the actual Catholic natural law teaching on the sanctity of life is along with the irrelevance of “Separation of Church and State” mythology on this issue. If he claims not to understand it, his bishop should schedule a long chat.

  2. I suspect Collins has already sat for the sculptor preparing a big statue of her, destined for the Peoples’ Museum of Heroes in Peking.
    Ditto Reed and Menendez…

  3. All Catholic high schools and colleges, as well as the Church as a whole, need to do a better job of teaching and explaining the rational basis of Natural Law and how reason and logic are at the foundation of Catholic ethical teachings.

    Abortion was prohibited by law in the United States before Roe v. Wade when the country was predominantly Protestant. Why was that? Were American Protestants expressing their “faith” in Catholic moral teachings? Did Protestants believe they were expressing “faith” and submitting to a papal theocracy? When did Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Baptists discover that they “believed” in a right to abortion?

    When did Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi discover that they “believed” in this strange heretical pro-abortion dogma?

  4. Before entering active duty in 1962 I had no opportunity to vote but being born and bred in the state of Massachusetts I would not have voted for any of the politicians in that state. So, I looked at the list of those voting against the motion to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks in the womb and found the name of Senator Patrick Leahy of VT who graduated from St. Michael’s College one year ahead of me in 1961. So, it was to him that I voiced my displeasure for his support of Abortion rights. He is one of the best examples I can name of a Catholic gone astray.

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