Jacques-Hamel-Prize Promotes “Inter-religious Dialogue” With Ex-Catholics

Jacques-Hamel-Prize Promotes “Inter-religious Dialogue” With Ex-Catholics

[Dialogue with apostates!]

en.news – 1/30/18

The Jacque-Hamel-Prize 2018, created by the French Federation of Catholic Media, was awarded on January 26 to the journalist Samuel Lieven of La Croix for his article “Thomas and Benoît, the converts of November 13” (Thomas et Benoît, les convertis du 13 novembre).

The award is named after Father Jacques Hamel who was murdered in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, France, on July 2016 during Mass.

Lieven’s article celebrates the “conversion” of Thomas who was born in a Catholic-charismatic family, his mother is a teacher of religion, but apostasied from the Faith and became a devout Moslem. He now wears a beard, his wife Lila, also a convert, is veiled and they have three children: Abdallah, Amin and Issa. Thomas opened an islamic library which was searched by police after the terroistic attacks in Bataclan, Paris.

After a long break Thomas now re-approached his family, especially his brother Benoît, a former seminarian who was close to the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

It seems that the Jacques-Hamel-Prize intends to promote this kind of “inter-religious dialogue”. The award was presented in Lourdes by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state.

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One comment on “Jacques-Hamel-Prize Promotes “Inter-religious Dialogue” With Ex-Catholics

  1. Exhibit “A” for the prosecution in the seemingly never-ending trial centered on why progressivist ecumania is a sin.
    I read long ago that a Cardinal in the early days of the 20th Cent.
    was convinced that WW One was a chastisement for men having leveled all “faiths” down to the lowest common denomination, the very apostasy celebrated by this French award.

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