Detroit Gospel-Style Mass Blasted by Catholics

Detroit Gospel-Style Mass Blasted by Catholics

ChurchMilitant Headlines – 1/29/18

Catholics claim setting lacks reverence and music is not sacred. 

FULL STORY: There is none – in the sense of a link to a review (possibly by ChurchMilitant) about the lack of reverence and non-sacred music.  Instead the link leads to the Detroit archdiocesan facebook with a highly favorable review.  An Internet search yields something similar from another source:

LIVE from DETROIT: Gospel Mass for Peace: Archbishop Vigneron recently commissioned renowned Gospel musician and longtime Detroit music minister Keir Ward to compose a Gospel-style setting of the Mass as a gift from the Black Catholic Community to the entire Church. This is the world premiere of Ward’s “Mass of the Sacred Heart” with the Black Catholic Ministries Gospel Choir and the Archdiocesan Chorus of Detroit.

Link to brief video excerpt of the “Mass”:
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One comment on “Detroit Gospel-Style Mass Blasted by Catholics

  1. Long ago there was little doubt that even Haydn or Mozart’s elaborate Mass compositions were for aesthetic enjoyment in concert halls, not during Mass itself. Yes, a very few shorter works found acceptance for use by choir, the Ave Verum Corpus being one particular favorite of mine, but even then the only permissible accompaniment was a proper church organ. The use of other instruments common to orchestral works were not permitted during the Holy Sacrifice.

    This latest among ten thousand secular novelties afflicting NO parishs, to say nothing of its effect on dogs unfortunate enough to pass by outside as the high octane caterwauling inside the “worship space” commences, is fit for a parish activity center alone. Sell tickets. Line up the folding chairs. Let ‘er rip and wave and sway until even Hell won’t have anymore of it.
    But do NOT call it a “Mass”, even in a gobbledygooky, hipper-than-thou NO “worship space”.

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