Another Group of Bishops Choses Immorality

Another Group of Bishops Choses Immorality – 1/30/18

The regional bishops conference of Piedmont and Aosta, Italy, published a 16-page note which in keeping with Amoris Laetita pushes adulterers into receiving Holy Communion. The note, dated January 16, asks every diocese to create a “space of welcome” (spazio di accoglienza) for adulterers which, according to the guidelines, will eventually cheat them into receiving Holy Communion for the detriment of their souls.

The trick used is primitive: The document claims that every couple of adulterers is an “individual case” and that couples will be allowed on an “individual case” bases to receive Communion. As a consequence every adulterer can receive Communion without conversion. This way, divorce and remarriage are introduced into the Catholic Church.

The bishops claim that this is their way to accept the “challenges of a new evangelization”. But this is an illusion. Communion for adulterers has been openly practiced for decades in countries like Switzerland or Germany with devastating results for the Church and the sacrament of matrimony.

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