True Shepherds [and Canon Lawyers] Remove [Not Sow] Confusion

True Shepherds [and Canon Lawyers] Remove [Not Sow] Confusion

Gloria.TV News – 1/29/18

True Shepherds Remove Confusion: On Friday, Pope Francis told the members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith how true shepherds should be. True shepherds, according to him, are those “who let the faithful not remain in confusion and in error”. Francis himself is accused by leading cardinals and bishops of failing in this point.

Cardinal Asks Francis to Remove Confusion: Cardinal Willem Eijk of Utrecht, Netherlands, speaking to the newspaper Trouw, criticized that there is confusion regarding communion for adulterers. The Vaticanista Francis Rocca sums up Eijk’s demand to Pope Francis: “Can divorced and remarried Catholics receive communion or not, just be clear.”

No legitimate exceptions: The canon lawyer Father Gerald Murray writes on “The Catholic Thing” that adultery offends God in all circumstances and always. Nobody is allowed to decide whether an evil action is a sin or not. A priest must encourage people to stop sinning. He should not seek reasons that justify clinging to sin.

Communion for adulterers is heretical: The archdiocese of Braga in Portugal, the bishops of Malta and Germany, and the Buenos Aires bishops who received support from Francis, are obviously and seriously wrong in introducing communion for adulterers, the Canon Lawyer Edward Peters writes on his “Canonlawblog”. Peters notes that the arguments are known. His conclusion – quote – “we are right in this point and they are wrong.”

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