Pope refused to give his Apostolic Blessing

Pope refused to give his Apostolic Blessing

[God is the “Father of us all,” but He is NOT the “Father of all confessions” – BUT only
the Catholic Church, which is the Mystical Body of His Son! – AQ moderator Tom] 
Lisi Sterndorfer via Gloria.TV – 1/27/18
This morning Pope Francis met with the Italian Red Cross. The Pope refused to give his Apostolic Blessing, probably as not to offend the handful of non-Catholics. Instead saying “I ask the blessing of God – God the Father of us all, Father of all confessions – on you all”
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2 comments on “Pope refused to give his Apostolic Blessing

  1. And let us ask that the Spirit of the Risen Christ, Who is the Spirit of love and peace, teach us this way and help us to implement it. I ask God’s blessing for all of you for this – God the Father of all of us, the Father of all confessions –and I invoke it in particular for those who have lost their lives through their service, and for their loved ones. I also commend myself to your prayers. Thank you. press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/en/bollettino/pubblico/2018/01/27/180127d.html

    So says the the Vicar of the god of all Confessions. Just come out and say it, “I do not know the Man.”

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