Fr. Blake nails it: Pope Juan Peron

Fr. Blake nails it: Pope Juan Peron

On a somewhat more serious note…

One of the biggest problems we in the anglo nations have understanding Bergoglio is that we have no equivalent to Peronism. Politics is about policy to us. In Argentina, politics is about the leader.

Fr. Ray Blake has a post up today that does a good job of giving people the key to this pontificate. Go read it.

For those too lazy to click, here’s a bit of it:

I had a lesson in Peronism from an Argentinian waiter recently, in Argentina he was a PPE graduate.
Peronism, he said, was the most corrupt form of politics, because you could be a Communist, or a Facist, or a Capitalist, the only thing that mattered was support for Peron[and] post Peron any other head of State. It is a remnant of 1920/30s Fascism, where the will of the Fuhrer or Il Duce was all that mattered. Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, Custom or Tradition, Law or Morality or anything else pale into insignificance and have no validity compared to the Will of the Leader.

I think I see where this is going…

To the Peronist the old elite, who based their authority on intellectual expertise or their understanding, or knowledge, even their fidelity to the law must be supplanted, nothing other than the leaders will matters. They represent an alternative authority, and therefore a possible alternative source of power, and certainly a source of evaluation and criticism. Peronism hates intellectuals.  They [Peronists] are always totally arbitary and concerned with what is expedient, what adds to or deepens the leaders power.

The trouble with Peronism as my waiter friend explained is that far from being a cure for corruption it becomes a source of it. The corruption in the Vatican is based on nepotism and patronage…

Peronism thrives on this because relations with the leader, rather than integrity, honour or honesty, are all that matters. It does indeed reduce everyone to slavery because personal integrity is always subject to whatever the leader wants. North Korea is perhaps the Peronist ideal or at least the reductio ad absurdum.

What is hated are upright men of integrity, those who are approved of are the servile and weak and those who are either stupid, indebted in some sense or lack integrity, who are therefore always and corruptible. One could list a huge number of Papal courtiers who fit into this category…

As the pseudonymous Marcantonio Colonna wrote in the book, “The Dictator Pope,”

“In fact his patronage of Monsignor Ricca fits the pattern which was well established when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, whereby he surrounds himself with morally weak people so as to have them under his thumb.”


So, today I got a message from someone asking about the situation in China. (China is on the article list for this weekend. I sort of feel like there will be a development maybe, so I’m letting it float for a day or two…).

My friend asks:

I’ve been wondering, what’s Bejing handing over to Rome? There’s got to be an infernal exchange of filthy lucre on some level…

I was just told, and I’m trying to find out more info about it, that the Patriotic Church in China basically does the Tridentine mass in chinese, with valid orders, etc. etc. If what I’m told is true, and that the Patriotic Church never ‘ratified’ or accepted Vatican 2, could this be part of the infernal deal — BergoglioChurch recognizes and consecrates ChiCom nominated bishops, and the Patriotic Church goes full blown novus ordo? Am I just out to lunch?

Demonologically speaking, the thing they hate the most is the validity of the sacraments, which they have always sought to extinguish… this would be the chance to virtually destroy whatever the Faith could be in China… think of the billions of souls lost… it’s like a treasure trove…

Here’s my take. (I’d like to add that this is speculation on my part, just the putting together of a lot of puzzle pieces until they show a more or less coherent picture.)

Oh… Nothing. The Vatican gets nothing. The Chinese Catholics certainly get less than nothing. That’s kind of the crux of the objections. The Vatican has conceded everything for exactly nothing in return. It’s all a vanity project for the Peronist in Chief. He gets to go to China on a papal trip, presumably, and be the first pope in history to tame China.

This is what we have to understand about Bergoglio. He doesn’t care about Novusordoism because that would require that he care about the Church of has some kind of vision or intentions about it, qua the Church. Bergoglio cares about Bergoglio and Bergoglio’s personal aggrandisement. That’s the lens you have to hold up to understand what he says and does. So, he doesn’t give two figs for what the Chinese Catholics/Patriots do in their churches.

This is really important to understand about him. Everything we worry about, liturgy, moral teaching etc, are tools to him. Everything and everyone, every situation, every trend, are all means to ends, and the end is Berogoglio. Bergoglio is about Bergoglio, and nothing else. If he thinks about Trads at all, he thinks only about whether they are for or against him. At the moment, we’re against him so he’s against us. [Which is why, btw, he had no problem with the SSPX in Argie. They were pals because they weren’t in his way at that moment.]

It seems he has a personal taste for what the English might call “low church” liturgy. He likes the dancing and puppets, but he’s also into “folk devotions”. But that’s like saying Hitler had a personal taste for a particular kind of cheese. It has nothing at all to do with – and has no effect on – what he does as pope.

Fr. Blake has a very good article about it last night. I think one of the best that’s been offered yet.

Everything the libs think Bergoglio’s about – immigrants, women, the environment – are all tools to him. He knows those issues are the way to gain the greatest number of followers. And it’s not “support” he’s after for any political programme. There is no programme. He wants followers in the sense that a guru seeks them. Not to legitimise what he is doing or wants to do, but purely to consolidate power and exalt himself.

This is THE most important thing to understand about Bergoglio. He doesn’t care about any of it. Every single word that pops out of his mouth is a lie. Which is why he doesn’t bother his wee head about contradicting himself constantly. He’s completely Maoist in that respect. We have seen that he does not consider words as a means of conveying meaning. He adhere’s to Mao’s doctrine that words are entirely used for emotional manipulation; words are “little sticks of dynamite in men’s heads”. You put them in there in order to trigger emotive responses, so you can make them riot or join the Red Army or go live in a collective farm.

So none of the things people think he cares about is anything he cares about.

Anyway, read that post from Fr. Blake. He really hits it out of the park.

This is also, btw, why nothing ever moves him other than newspaper headlines. The reason we got that carefully worded and orchestrated (Oh yeah… O’Malley just happened to be the guy to issue the “rebuke” to the pope over the “calumny” comment… sure…) “apology” in Chile. Keep this lens in front of your eyes while you look at him, and you’ll start to get it.

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11 comments on “Fr. Blake nails it: Pope Juan Peron

  1. This kind of article is annoying at best, and distorts the truth. Peronism does have a clear agenda. Its goals are clear. Its to prevent Marxism from taking root in a country. It tries to coax workers away from a Marxist/class struggle view of the world, and lures them into a kind of mentality that replaces class struggle with social unity in the name of patriotism, and facilitated [although not required] personal appeal of a leader that the working-class can identify as one of their own [i.e. Evita Peron].
    Peronism is similar to Donald Trump, in that it seeks to protect domestic workers from competition from other countries. It seeks to block international companies that hook a country into a global market. Peronism seeks to close a nation’s borders to globalization and global competition and dependence to mske the nation strong again. Foreign businesses seeking to sell in a Peronist Argentina would face stiff heavy tariffs, so much so, that its products are not able to put national domestic Argentine businesses and workers out of employment. Peronism grants workers decent wages, requiring national businesses to respect workers’dignity, in conformity to Catholic Just Wage morality, but to compensate the national businesses, they require foreign globalized companies to pay “foreign company” taxes to help the national businesses develop their technology, so that, one day, they can produce and keep up with the same rate and cost of mass production, as the foreigners. Father Blakeley makes a caracature of Peronism. It also makes a false caricature out of Bergoglio. Please stop this nonsense!! Bergoglio is not for himself. He is principally looking to change the Church for the obvious reason that he is a progressivist. It’s not about him. It’s principally about his agenda. The fact that he may take it personally when he finds his agenda is attacked is besides the point.
    As far as Peronism is concerned, Peronism is most Catholic application in human politics. It seeks use the State and traditional social institutions work together as fellow countrymen, instead of fostering diversity and differences that lead to class and ethnic struggles.

    • I’ll take a statesmen such as Argentine General (and later President) Juan Carlos Ongania (who consecrated his nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary) anytime over a Peron (male or female). Juan Peron destroyed a previously thriving economy with his economic policies and ended up in conflict with the Church, on his part legalizing divorce and prostitution, and being sanctioned by the Vatican Sacred Consistorial Congregation for persecuting and expelling priests.

    • From the little I’ve read, you’re right that Peron began as a staunch anti-Communist, but the methods he either allowed or tolerated, e.g., throwing suspected commies out of airplanes, were beyond the pale. It was a climate of fear in which persons were “disappeared” without trial.

  2. The Consecration of the Nation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, dear Tom, has to be first desired and requested by the bishops and priests and laity. Argentina at the time of [ the first reign] of Juan Peron would have obtained Peron’s favor to stand with the people to honor this request. As far as the legalization of divorce is concerned, the writing was on the wall. By 1970 Italy legalized divorce.Almost every Western State allows for divorce today. Far as prostitution is concerned, since the 1960s, the illegality of prostitution is hypocrisy. Men and Women on TV and all over the media prostitute themselves. On public streets and in schools, boys and girls/boys and boys/girls and girls “hook up”, for access to some recreational drugs or for “being part of a group” or for any reason. On beaches and streets there is rampant immodesty. Women dress immodestly and then use any sexual advance as evidence of harassment for legal monies.
    The US is against polygamy, but allows polygamy through the loophole of divorce. Divorce is allowed by the Pope himself today. Any then criticism of Juan Peron. He didn’t legalize homosexuality and abortion. The people who supported “human rights” did. “Human Rights” advocates are the biggest hypocrites of all.
    I am not advocating legalized prostitution, but we already have it in the most Pharissaic ways.
    Lastly, politics is always dirty. General Juan Carlos Onganía Carballo himself was accused of “human rights”violations
    But I can say one thing today that is about Argentina that is not in other Spanish speaking countries: the Labour unions are not controlled by Marxists- thanks to Juan Peron!!!

  3. Cyprian, was that Peron? I heard of the airplane tossing but was under the impression it was in another SA state. Maybe it’s a continental thing? : – )

  4. There is a distinct difference between someone who waits until it’s too late, and someone who acts before things get worse. States and Traditional institutions have a right to act “unconstitutionally” to preserve civil order, especially in times of danger. Sometimes things have to be done by the State to avoid great harm. Communists are a great harm. Marxists are even more dangerous. Words and ideas are weapons. WHEN OPPOSITION GROUPS GET IN POWER THEY DO TWICE AS MUCH REVOLUTIONARY HARM. Lets not think Christian Emperor Justinian did not have blood on his hands with the Nika riots? What happened to Emperor Constantine’ first wife? Why the US concentration camps for Japanese-Americans during Wold War II by FDR? These things happen.
    About the issue of a deteriorating economy under Peron. One needs to distinguish between the first and second reign of Peron? Which are you referring to? During and shortly after World War II the protectionist economy thrived because the other countries were involved in War. The foreign industries had little choice but to buy from Argentina. When the war was over, the economy floundered because the world started producing again and did not have to depend on Argentina. It was not Peronism that failed, but rather the economy that changed.

    • States and Traditional institutions have a right to act “unconstitutionally” to preserve civil order, especially in times of danger.

      No. Any constitution can provide for legal means of declaring war, outlawing activities, outlawing speech promoting Communism, etc. Then the law provides the means of dealing with it. Short of that, you can’t have a republic for long. Communists can be found, arrested, and put on trial. “Disappearing” them is not acceptable.

      One example is the Inquisition. Even PBS (or the BBC, maybe), if I recall, had to admit the legal process was impressive, honoring the rights of the accused, etc.

      Yes, history is filled with examples of things that “happen.” That’s why Christians apply principles with hope of doing better in the future. We needn’t defend things of the past that weren’t right. For example, the atomic bombing of civilian noncombatants in Japan, including women and children. Or another act you once defended, wherein “Palestinians” don C-4 jackets and blow up buses full of Israeli women and children. Some actions we cannot condone.

  5. I feel sorry for the Palestinians who died by suicide. Some are Christian and need our prayers. But the Zionist men and women brought children in Palestine to squat on their land and demand squatter’s rights. Once entrenched, they claim it as their land.The streets where the Zionist squatters live do not allow a Palestinian to go through, even to get medicine or milk for their children. So the Zionists are the true terrorists. In regards to your other objection, that :”Communism, etc…the law provides the means of dealing with it. Short of that, you can’t have a republic for long. “. WELL a republic is not necessary. Especially in Argentina. And constitutions are dictated [and written] by political [usually Marxists] pseudo-intelligensia Media, Universities, liberation theologians. So things need to happen to avoid Marxist soft [ as exists in the EU
    and US] or Marxist hard [as exists in Venezuela and China].Belief that the “rule of law” made by media and university and leftist church manipulated majorities is an illusion. No hard feelings for you brother!

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