Pope thanks CDF for defense of faith

Pope thanks CDF for defense of faith

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[FrankenPope with CDF Prefects current and former: Cardinal Ladaria (left) and Cardinal Mueller (right)]

Catholic World News – January 26, 2018

In a January 26 address to members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), Pope Francis said: “The man of today no longer knows who he is and, therefore, struggles to recognize how to act well.”

The Pope thanked the CDF members for their work in defending Catholic doctrine, especially today, when the challenges facing the faith are “ever more fluid and changeable.” He remarked that the constant task of the CDF is “recalling the transcendent vocation of man and the indivisible connection of his reason to truth and good, introduced by faith in Jesus Christ.”

In particular the Pontiff applauded the CDF for its current studies on redemption, in response to “current neo-Pelagian and neo-gnostic tendencies.” He observed that these tendencies “are expressions of an individualism that relies on its own forces to save itself.”

The Pope also mentioned the Congregation’s work on the application of Catholic doctrine to economic affairs, and its studies on the approach to terminal illness. He said that public opinion today, “by rendering absolute the concepts of self-determination and autonomy,” has given rise to the unhealthy notion that a “civilized” society would hasten the death of those who are facing terminal illness.

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  1. CDF is heir to the Inquisition but I expect the insatiable swishy set won’t be satisfied until the only remaining resemblance is reduced to the old Michael Palin gag using comfy chairs and fluffy pillows to exact justice.

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