Not-so-good News: Support for Gay Marriage Continues to Gain

[Not-so-good News:] Support for Gay Marriage Continues to Gain

Fr. Richard Heilman

Jungerheld via Gloria.TV – 1/24/18

Reprinted from Fr. Richard Heilman’s Facebook page:

Over the past 20 short years, the country has completely flipped on sodomite “marriages” (sodomy … we are all clear what that is, right?).

In 2008, Barack Obama ran in support of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), along with the vast majority of the Democratic Party.

What changed? Did we “evolve” in the 7 short years between the 2008 election and the 2015 Supreme Court decision which, for the first time in the history of civilization, says “marriage” can mean just about anything anyone “feels” it should be?

No. Not evolution. Propaganda. Television shows, commercials, movies, Universities, public schools, MSM compliance … all united in an effort to redefine marriage, as I said … for the first time in the history of civilization.

Folks, be very, very careful what you are told you should accept as “normal” or, the next thing you know, grown men will be allowed to share a bathroom with little girls.

Finally, where is that kind of “all-out effort” from our side to end abortion and sodomite marriages? For example, in an earlier post, I asked, “Why are we not seeing non-stop *quality* commercials that inform the public that science no longer supports abortion?” We need to pull together all of the pro-life groups, bishops, priests, KCs, etc. – the FULL ARMY – and help our people to recover their moral compass again.

Fr. Richard Heilman currently serves Saint Mary’s of Pine Bluff in Wisconsin.

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