FrankenPope’s Bad Example Finds First Followers

FrankenPope’s Bad Example Finds First Followers – 1/26/18

Limerick [Ireland] Bishop Brendan Leahy believes that Pope Francis’ inflight marriage should cause the Church to consider marrying couples outside of church buildings.
[It’s allowed now for “ecumenical/interfaith” (formerly “mixed”) marriages where the non-Catholic party may have an objection or other reason for not having a “church wedding.” Also, it’s already being done in at least one AmChurch diocese (Helena, Montana) where on more than one occasion the bishop has allowed a Catholic couple to marry outside a Catholic or other Church-authorized) church or chapel – in a garden or other outdoor setting merely for the “beauty of the experience” – with no nuptial Mass but only the wedding ceremony! – AQ moderator Tom]
Talking to The Irish Catholic (January 25), Leahy said that Francis has opened up “new perspectives”. Leahy also wants laypeople to celebrate marriages, “It doesn’t have to be a priest you see, so who knows the future?”This bishop seems to be little aware of the tendency in the West to celebrate the few Catholic marriages that are still contracted, everywhere but in a regular parish church. In face of their dwindling numbers his proposal for lay-marriages sounds like a mediocre joke.

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One comment on “FrankenPope’s Bad Example Finds First Followers

  1. The concept of sacramental Matrimony itself means no more today to progressives than does the primary object of marriage: Procreation.
    Recent airborne antics by those who ought to know better will hardly quell innovators.

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