Cardinal Believes, Communion For Adulterers Only Contentious for “A Few”

Cardinal Believes, Communion For Adulterers Only Contentious for “A Few” – 1/26/18

The World Meeting of Families in August in Dublin, Ireland, will focus on the “entirety” of controversial document Amoris Laetitia according to Cardinal Kevin Farrell, the Prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.

Talking to The Tablet (January 25), Farrell claimed that hotly debated points such as allowing adulterers to receive Holy Communion were only “contentious in the eyes of a few.”

The Gospel says about the few, “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” (Mt 7,14). According to his own words Farrell seems to believe that he is not a part of them.

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One comment on “Cardinal Believes, Communion For Adulterers Only Contentious for “A Few”

  1. One might speculate, if even that is either just or remotely useful anymore, as to whether there is some form of slowly-emerging resolve that the past 58 months need to be addressed by conscience-stricken prelates – within their own competency as a superior jurisdictional body of the Church.
    At the current rate of half a dozen per year, were there such a resolve, it would take us at least another dozen years before what now amount to isolated, sporadic public statements to grow into a majority of cardinals willing to go public. Yet, that would not amount to a canonical juridical action, per se. Cardinal Burke’s recent retreat from his earlier position on canonical action hardly encourages optimism after the initial Dubia request received brief notoriety but was subsequently reduced to nothingness by political tactics in the Motel 6. Remember, the plotters know every device the Obamaites used and have successfully followed the same PR/activist/agitprop play book. They know the MSM in the West supports their insider Revolution and the Fr. Martin ploy is but one instance of how effectively they use both social media tools and perverted activist groups to the advantage for their evil cause.
    Considering, as well, that collegial court packing (ala FDR) is well underway and with the examples set by progressives sent to Chicago and San Diego, the message from sunny Nuouvo Roma is clear: Progress with us or remain in total obscurity for the rest of your career.
    Thus, speculation in favor of any near term counter-revolution by the only prelates authorized to administer justice would seem to be at least premature and at worst implausible.
    Further, should a new conclave be required (due only to nature taking its course) candidates for succession who might favor some repudiation of the current route’s excesses and objectives, although more likely not all of those objectives, are themselves the least likely to be elected.
    Hope is a virtue but under what appears to be chastisement due for not only the sins of the many but of the few, it may take quite some time before it is fulfilled.

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