Argentinean Bishops: FrankenPope More Important than Jesus Christ

Argentinean Bishops: FrankenPope More Important than Jesus Christ

[Reminiscent of Beatle John Lennon’s 1966 statement, We’re more popular than Jesus [who] was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.”  Like Jesus he was killed (in 1980 in New York City), and something unusual happened to both three days their deaths; unlike Jesus (Who was properly buried and rose from the dead), John was cremated without any funeral, and his ashes scattered in Central Park! – AQ moderator Tom]

By José Arturo Quarracino – 1/26/18
In a recent interview Bishop Athanasius Schneider warned about the problem of papolatry in the Church, an attitude that exalts the figure of the bishop of Rome while ignoring Jesus Christ: “The focal point of the life of a Catholic believer must be Christ”, not the Pope. “If not,” said the Kazakh bishop, “we become victims of an unhealthy papacy-centrism.”

The recent visit of Pope Francis to Chile showed, that papolatry is a problem in Argentina. When speaking to journalists about Francis’ journey to Chile, Bishop Oscar Vicente Ojea, president of the Argentine Bishops, exalted the figure and “message” of Francis, “One fears the Pope’s leadership, and his ability to bring people together around his ideas and his figure,” Ojea said on January 21 to the newspaper Página/12.

The striking thing is that Ojea did not make any reference to Jesus Christ, but only and exclusively to Francis and to his ideas. For him the ultimate point of reference in the Church is Bergoglio.

Monsignor Ojea became president of the Argentinean Bishops by Francis’ personal decision.

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One comment on “Argentinean Bishops: FrankenPope More Important than Jesus Christ

  1. In better days, public papal acts were quite rare and limited to solemn events. That went right out the window after Paulo Sesto introduced jet setting PR visits, using Yankee Stadium as a “church” and the godless UN as the chosen site to diminish the divine rights of the Church in the name of leftist sentimentalities.
    In other, better days in Argentina, she was famous for her exquisite beauty, excellent steaks and fine vintages. Those might not have been defenestrated, quite yet, but its gonzo ecclesial politicking, on steroids since 2013, may yet impinge upon unintended victims of runaway progressivism, anyway.
    Let’s hope the gauchos and vineyard owners are all traditionalists!

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