German bishops choose NOT to change the Lord’s Prayer

German bishops choose NOT to change the Lord’s Prayer

[That leaves only FrankenPope, the Italians (under pressure from FrankenPope?) and a few looney liturgists (such as those at the PrayTell blog) who want to “correct” the Lord’s Prayer of “mis-translations and/or mis-understandings” (such God’s gender in the opening salutation?)! – AQ moderator Tom]

Catholic World News – 1/25/18

The Catholic bishops of Germany have chosen not to change the wording of the Lord’s Prayer, noting that the change could complicate ecumenical ties with Protestant groups using the traditional words. The German hierarchy had weighed a proposal to alter the phrase, “lead us not into temptation.” Pope Francis had said in December that the phrase was inaccurate, since God does not “push me into temptation.”

Source: Catholic Herald

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One comment on “German bishops choose NOT to change the Lord’s Prayer

  1. The term, The Lord’s Prayer, only became commonly used after the 1500s. Evidence of its use as a title prior to then is rare.
    Thus, for 3/4s of Church history it was universally known simply by its correct title, the Pater Noster and prayed only in Latin, which devout laity could easily recite from memory.
    One more example of why my very dearly missed, late scholar friend warned – first, as a very devout Catholic and, second, as a classics scholar, that there is no such thing as a “good translation” but instead only “imprecise” or worse.

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