Bishop Barron and evangelical Prot philosopher conduct dialogue on ‘dumbed-down’ Christianity

Bishop Barron and evangelical [Prot] philosopher conduct dialogue [on ‘dumbed-down’ Christianity]

[How can a Catholic bishop who seems to dumb-down Christianity conduct a dialogue with a “Prot philosopher” (whatever that is) whose religion (Baptist) is already a dumb-downed Christianity – on opposition to dumb-downed Christianity!? – AQ moderator Tom]

Catholic World News/New Oxford Review – 1/25/18

An estimated 25,000 people watched the livestream discussion between LA Auxiliary Bp. Robt. Barron and Evangelical Protestant philosopher Wm. Lane Craig conduct a Cath-Prot dialogue on opposition to ‘dumbed-down’ Christianity.

Source: Angelus (LA archdiocesan newspaper)

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4 comments on “Bishop Barron and evangelical Prot philosopher conduct dialogue on ‘dumbed-down’ Christianity

  1. Ohhh, prots may plot
    But prots cannot
    Engage in metaphysics
    ‘Cause that means Truth
    Which they ain’t got
    Despite their hectic business
    Use Burma Shave!
    Memo to Aux. Bp. Barron: Latest census report from the Inferno just arrived. Call your office.

  2. Tom, your intro is cleverly put, and spot on. Just for the record, however, in William Lane Craig’s case, though his religion is dumb, he certainly is not. The heft of his intellect compared to that of Bishop Barron’s is something like the difference in mass of a black hole and our moon.
    Craig’s arguments for the Kalam cosmological argument have given atheists fits for years, and he deals very intelligently with predestination, which is possibly the most difficult theological problem ever.
    He does, unfortunately, suffer from the Protestant blind spot of course. if Craig had grown up when the Catholic hierarchy was still Catholic, I suspect he would have converted, would have had that blind spot cured, and would now be doing much greater work than he is doing now against atheism. And, on predestination, he probably would be a Thomist instead of a Molinist.
    Even as things are, I’d prefer Craig as a bishop in the Church rather than Barron.

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