BergoglioChurch Has A “Complex Of Inferiority” Toward The World

BergoglioChurch Has A “Complex Of Inferiority” Toward The World – 1/25/18

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is concerned that today’s Church is in a process of a conformation to the world which started with the Second Vatican Council.

Talking to (January 23), Schneider warned of tendencies in the Church to please the world, “The desire to speak as the world likes, or to speak in order to win the world’s sympathy, or not to be marginalized or persecuted by the world, reveals itself indeed as an inferiority complex.”

Schneider sees the greatest spiritual danger “in anthropocentrism” that for him is the decisive step toward idolatry. For him this is expressed in the “renewed” liturgy after the Council.

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3 comments on “BergoglioChurch Has A “Complex Of Inferiority” Toward The World

  1. The “Council That Wasn’t” was a hijacking of the levers of ecclesial authority, a revolution, a disaster for every Catholic in 1962 every bit as much as it remains so today. By extension, that grave loss was the world’s, as well, for the mass of humanity outside the Church has no other society to which to look for salvation.
    Central to the revolution was nearly universal capitulation to each distinct enemy of Christ: Freemasons, Jews, Protestants, even heathens. Each found its own trinket to put on display and for which to rejoice at the “strange new respect” bring paid by sunny Nuovo Roma.
    Abp. Schneider, a truly pious hierarch, is correct to criticize as he has, no question. Yet he and others need to do more when making generalizations and just as honestly address the heresies and sell-outs explicitly as well as implicitly contained in the official documents of V2.

  2. Bishop Schneider, Lefebvre Had “Prophetic Mission” – 1/25/18

    The more the doctrinal, moral and liturgical confusion grows in the Church, the more one will understand “the prophetic mission” of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (+1991) according to Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Archbishop Lefebvre founded the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) which engages in preserving Catholic Doctrine and Liturgy.

    Talking to Edward Pentin (January 11), Schneider calls the last decades “an extraordinary dark time of a generalized crisis of the Church”.

    Edward Pentin published the question about the SSPX on his personal blog excluding it from the interview with Schneider which he published on the National Catholic Register. This could foreshadow rising problems between Pentin and his neoconservative employer EWTN to which the Register belongs.

    [Edward Pentin also spoke at The Remnant’s 2017 Catholic Identity Conference (video at ). Will that also cost him his job at the National neo-Catholic Register, as happened with Pat Archbold (brother of Matthew Archbold, who is still hanging on there)? – AQ moderator Tom]

  3. Re. Pentin at the mercy of ex-prot EWTN Neo-Kathlykx…
    Whence and how much the Network Gone Haywire reels in could stand a fresh review. Back in the day I reminded clients of the Golden Rule of Business: He who hath the gold, rules.
    Reputedly, Mr. Pentin’s seriously professional reputation could not be stronger. That might cause those with the doubloons to pause, despite the discomfort his reports creates among them.
    If they’re smart, they’ll begin to alter course, albeit slowly and without attracting undo notice from their Neo-Cat base audience and readers. But that remains a big “if”. We are talking about the same business that created priest celebrities who ended up scandalously, still openly judaizes on certain shows and which engaged in a cruel hostile takeover of the poor, late Mother Angelica’s original network – are we not?

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