Left Extremists Throw Burning Device At Pro-Lifers

Left Extremists Throw Burning Device At Pro-Lifers

[Let’s see how the liberal media plays this item, because it overplays any act of violence (real or alleged/imagined) against pro-aborts! UPDATE: Thus far, Google news lists only items from a few “conservative” media outlets such as Breitbart and ChurchMilitant, nothing yet from the “mainstream” media!  – AQ moderator Tom]
en.news – 1/24/18

Around fifty masked left-wing extremists surrounded in Rennes, France, a bus of Catholic pro-life demonstrators who were headed to the Paris March for Life (January 21).

According to Le Télégramme the attackers tried to set pro-lifers in the bus on fire by throwing a burning smoke bomb at them. The coat of a man and the sweater of a woman were burned.

It took the police thirty minutes to arrive at the crime scene and another three hours to remove the extremists. The attack failed to make national news in France.

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