Traditional Priest at the White House!

The Rector of Old St. Patrick’s Oratory, Canon Altieri of the Institute of Christ the King, was invited to be with a small group as President Trump addressed prolife marchers this week.

Canon Altieri wore a cassock for the visit.


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11 comments on “Traditional Priest at the White House!

  1. My son traveled to the march as part of the ICKSP contingent, and was among the faithful at the Mass offered by Canon Altieri afterwards at Mary, Mother of God church. During the homily, Canon related that he told the President that he prayed for him every time he says Mass, for which the POTUS expressed his thanks. “What I didn’t tell him,” he said, “was that I prayed for his conversion to the Catholic Faith.”

  2. Trump is the ultimate pragmatist IMO and he does things accordingly. Still, he has the opportunity through his association with pro-Life causes to learn more about what traditional Catholics believe. One would hope that he comes to the conclusion in his pragmatic mind that Catholicism is the best road to eternal life and salvation. All we can do, I think. and I believe this is the canon’s point of view as well, is to pray that he will see the Light, i.e., that Jesus established the road to salvation through His Church and that Church is the one that worships God in the manner of Mary, the Mother of God Church, the Church which Justice Antonin Scalia attended, the one that offers the True Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In my experience it appears a pragmatist must discover for himself/herself what is the best means to do anything and refuses to be “led” by anyone. In this particular case however, prayers can lead Our Lord to intervene and give him the grace necessary to make the right decision.

    • Agreed; from the two recent LifeSiteNews posts below, The Donald is weaning away from his former pro-abort and pro-sodomite views and companions – faster in the first case but slower in the second.

      Trump releases fact sheet showing his pro-life accomplishments

      January 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – On the day of the 2018 March for Life, the White House published a fact sheet outlining some of the problems with America’s extremely permissive abortion laws and some of Trump’s pro-life accomplishments. LifeSiteNews reprints it below.

      “We cherish the sacred dignity of every human life.” – President Donald J. Trump

      AN IGNOBLE EXCEPTION: The United States is one of a few countries to allow elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

      ~The United States is one of only seven countries that allow for elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy; two of the other countries are North Korea and China.

      ~Research shows unborn babies feel pain as early as 20 weeks to such a degree that anesthesia is routinely administered to unborn babies undergoing in utero surgeries and premature infants of the same age undergoing surgery.

      ~In the United States, taxpayer funding subsidizes 900 health care plans that cover abortions, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

      ~Under the previous administration, States were allowed to outlaw pro-life health insurance with impunity.

      AMERICANS SUPPORT PRO-LIFE POLICIES: Public support for pro-life policies remains high according to recent polling.

      ~A recent Marist-Knights of Columbus poll shows the majority of Americans, 56 percent, believe abortion to be morally wrong.

      ~More than three in four Americans support restrictions on abortion.

      ~Even six in ten of those who identify as pro-choice support restrictions on abortion.

      ~63 percent of Americans support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

      ~Even the majority of pro-choice Americans, 56 percent, support banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

      ~Public support for banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy has grown by four percent in the last year.

      ~Six in ten Americans oppose using taxpayer money to fund abortions.

      ~The majority of Americans, 52 percent, believe that, in the long run, having an abortion does more harm than good to a woman’s life.

      ~Nearly half of all Americans, 47 percent, believe life begins at conception, and 62 percent believe it begins within the first three months of a pregnancy.

      COMMITTED TO PROTECTING LIFE: President Donald J. Trump has shown his steadfast commitment to preserving the precious gift of life and defending religious liberty.

      ~President Trump is the first sitting President to address the March for Life live via satellite.

      ~Vice President Mike Pence addressed the March for Life in 2017, becoming the first sitting Vice President to do so in person.

      ~Today, the Department of Health and Human Services is announcing a proposal to revise its conscience regulations to protect President Trump’s promise to enforce Federal conscience and religious freedom protections. The proposed conscience provisions include:

      Restricting taxpayer funds, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare, from being used by entities with discriminatory policies or practices,

      Protecting Americans who have religious or moral convictions related to certain health care services,

      Recognizing that Americans should not be discriminated against for their religious or moral beliefs when participating in certain health services.

      ~Just after taking office, President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City
      Policy, which protects $9 billion in foreign aid from being used to fund the global abortion industry.

      ~President Trump cut off taxpayer funding for the U.N. Population Fund, which colludes with China’s cruel program of forced abortion and sterilization.

      ~President Trump signed H.J. Res. 43 into law, overturning a midnight regulation by the Obama Administration, which prohibited States from defunding certain abortion facilities in their federally-funded family planning programs.

      ~President Trump has expressed strong support for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would stop late-term abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, when science tells us that an unborn child can experience pain.

      ~President Trump’s Administration issued guidance to enforce the requirement that taxpayer dollars not support abortion coverage in Obamacare exchange plans.

      ~President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services just announced the formation of a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, tasked with ensuring that laws that protect religious freedom and conscience rights are appropriately enforced.

      Trump congratulates Republican LGBT activist group on its 40th anniversary

      WASHINGTON, D.C., January 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – President Trump congratulated a group of “LGBT conservatives” on forty years of existence but didn’t mention same-sex “marriage” or transgenderism.

      In a December 21, 2017 letter to the Log Cabin Republicans, which the group posted on Twitter on January 17, Trump wrote, “No matter the color of our skin or our sexual orientation, we all live under the same laws, salute the same great American flag, and are made in the image of the same Almighty God.”

      “We are a Nation founded on the undeniable truth that all of us are created equal,” he wrote. “We are equal in the eyes of our Creator. We are equal under the law. And we are equal under our Constitution.”

      “As we write the next great chapter of our Nation, we reaffirm our commitment to these fundamental truths and will work to ensure that all Americans live in a country where they feel safe and where their opportunities are limitless,” Trump concluded.

      The Log Cabin Republicans exist to “transform the GOP” to support same-sex “marriage” and other LGBT causes. They didn’t endorse Trump in the 2016 election.

      The Trump administration’s Department of Justice has filed in a Supreme Court brief in support of Jack Phillips, the baker who is fighting for his right to not be forced to bake same-sex “wedding” cakes. It has also moved to enact greater conscience protections for Americans who don’t support the socially liberal causes du jour and withdrew the U.S. from a United Nations agency that promotes homosexuality and abortion abroad.

      However, social conservatives have at times criticized the administration for some of its pro-LGBT actions, such as the State Department’s commemoration of “Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

      The administration also re-nominated radically pro-LGBT Chai Feldblum to stay on as commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and kept an Obama-era State Department initiative promoting LGBT “rights” worldwide.

      Trump’s White House did not, however, follow Obama’s tradition of designating June as “Pride Month.”

  3. An excellent point, Colonel.

    God offers countless graces for conversion but ever leaves man’s free will untouched in order that if and when one decides to act upon the grace he may merit the reward, uncoerced.

  4. Trump can only work within the law, which he has with some good results to date. His past record on the issue and his work currently indicate a genuine conversion, at least on the abortion issue. What lies ahead is unknown, except for continuing struggle.
    Can he do more? Will he? I hope for it but really don’t know. The First Lady seems influential and the President possesses a keen mind. Keep praying and keep up the struggle, friends.

  5. The Catholic Church exists to tell every man he must convert and observe the Commandments to be saved. This priest missed the opportunity to let The Donald know he needs to come in, we want him and his wife and family to come in, and we’re praying for just that.

  6. It could be too that the priest knows that the Catholic Church is currently lacking some concrete signs of credibility. Not to mention that the President finds himself embattled against liberal/Marxist Pope and bishops.

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