It’s a revolution, stupid!

It’s a revolution, stupid!

I must say I do appreciate it when they helpfully confirm a thesis.

From status quo to insurgencyConciliar vs traditionalist Catholicism

Today’s Catholic neo-traditionalism has very little in common with 20th century theological, institutional and ecclesiastical Catholic conservatism

The fault lines between different religious worldviews within Western Catholicism are currently being redefined around the so-called “life issues”. We see among liberals the resurgence of Cardinal Bernardin’s “seamless garment” argument, while conservatives insist that abortion is the only defining moral issue.

This rift conceals a larger and deeper reshaping of the entire ideological landscape of Catholicism, but most particularly on the conservative side.For one thing, there has been an inversion of roles between liberal-progressive and traditionalist-conservative Catholics. (There are also significant differences between liberals and progressives, as well as between traditionalists and conservatives; but this is for another article).

Liberal-progressive Catholic culture in mainstream media and in academia is perceived (and to a large extent perceives itself) as the new status quo, the establishment and the gatekeeper. When those of this leaning peer from their windows to see what is happening in the streets, they tend to see merely a revolt when there might actually be a revolution going on.

This explains the reluctance of liberal-progressive Catholic culture to engage **theologically** with the neo-traditionalist Catholic movement and the temptation of the former to dismiss the latter. This temptation can be explained by the fact that old school, Roman-theology Catholic conservatism no longer exists. Today’s Catholic neo-traditionalism has very little in common with 20th century theological, institutional and ecclesiastical Catholic conservatism.


One thing I’ll say for our friend Massimo Faggioli, he definitely isn’t trying to hoodwink anyone. He’s come right out and said it many times. It’s a different religion. We’ve been saying it for a long long time. Good to be in such a happy state of agreement all ’round.

I don’t mind living in the Spock-with-a-beard Mirrorverse. I really don’t. I just object when they try to pretend we’re still in the Normalverse and everyone’s trying to gaslight us into believing nothing’s happening.I don’t mind a straight fight. It’s the sneaking around that bugs me.

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Remember this guy? Ever wondered how the Anglicans got there?

And this was a Bad Thing in the long run, though it took 500 years to get to the final catastrophic result.

Read the rest on why it’s a bad idea for the Church to follow the Anglican Solution. 

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