CONFUSING CATHOLICS: Inclusivity Trumps Morality

CONFUSING CATHOLICS: Inclusivity Trumps Morality

[Nothing to do with The Donald]

Published on Jan 22, 2018

Down in the catacombs, Michael Matt discusses the case of a young priest in Minnesota who’s taking heat for firing “married” homosexual musicians in his parish. The parish is divided, the media are outraged, and the faithful are confused. Whose fault is this? The priest’s? No, he’s just doing his job. The gay musicians’? No, not really—they’ve been working in the same parish for over ten years, and nobody objected. Michael calls on Catholics—liberal and conservative alike–to demand that the ‘Church of Accompaniment’ either edit and remove the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s moral teaching on this question….or enforce it. There is no other way. Hate has nothing to do with it. Padre Pio and Pope John Paul were pretty clear on this question too, by the way. Are we to conclude that they too were intolerant, non-inclusive haters? How long does the madness go on before Catholics demand answers from our feckless priests, bishops and popes?

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