Cardinal Burke Slams Contradictions Set Forth By Malta Bishops

Cardinal Burke Slams Contradictions Set Forth By Malta Bishops – 1/23/17

The confusion in the Church is growing “almost exponentially” according to Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Talking to the blog Thinking with the Church (January 22), Burke criticised applications of Amoris Laetitia like those set forth by the bishops of Malta “which are simply contrary to what the Church has always taught and practiced”.

Burke points out that on cannot say that Catholic marriage is “indissoluble” but, at the same, allow married spouses to enter a union with a third person, “That is just a contradiction.”

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One comment on “Cardinal Burke Slams Contradictions Set Forth By Malta Bishops

  1. Improvising on a nearby Hilary White column: the “conservative” element in the Church mistakes an outright revolution for a mere street demonstration. That is, of course, not quite fair to good Cd. Burke, who made plain that the Maltese have well and truly abandoned Church sacramental doctrine and praxis. That he did and plainly, indeed.
    However, it is fair to also point to a continuing desperation by famous “conservative” Church spokesmen to uphold V2 as a “norm” innocently awaiting the day when some mythical reconciliation between the wild heresies (and worse) of V2 and the constant traditional teaching of the Perennial Magisterium arrives from the heavens on pink, billowy clouds – cherubs and harps included.
    Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.
    As Miss White has repeatedly argued, this is an existential and irreconcilable war and it is the “conservatives” who find themselves without ground upon which to continue fighting their lost cause. Compromise with error means ceding to error, even as one seeks to defend the truth. As far as I know, the cardinal still thinks the SSPX is in schism. If that is accurate then he deprives himself of one of the few allies he might otherwise have should he wish to take his Maltese correction to its logical conclusion.

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