Why FrankenPope Flopped in Chile


Why FrankenPope Flopped in Chile

[Also because of the decrease in the number of Catholics in Chile – from 90% in 1970 to 74% in 1995 to 44% last year!]

Lack of Enthusiasm: The Chilean newspaper “La Tercera” published an article about the lack of enthusiasm during Pope Francis’ trip to Chile, although this is allegedly a Catholic country. For Francis’ Mass in Maquhue/Temuco 400,000 people were expected. About 1/4-1/5 (90,000)  of this number showed up. Francis’ meeting with the youth was another flop. His visit was also accompanied by violent attacks against the Church. Francis’ problem: He appeals to the peripheries, but for attending his Masses he would need Catholics.

Low Attendance: In another article La Tercera tried to explain the reasons for the low attendance of the faithful during Pope Francis’ visit in Chile. The first reason is, according to the paper, the fact that the Church in Chile is in a crisis with only 44% of the country’s population declaring themselves to be Catholics. However, this would still account for over 7 million Catholics, enough to fill the events with Pope Francis. La Tercera did not mention the true reason for the low attendance: Pope Francis is mainly popular in circles which care little about the Church.

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3 comments on “Why FrankenPope Flopped in Chile

  1. [To be “fair and balanced”]

    Droves fill pope’s final Mass in restive Latin America trip

    By Nicole Winfield | 1/22/18

    LIMA, Peru (AP) — More than 1 million people turned out Sunday for Pope Francis’ final Mass in Peru, giving him a warm and heartfelt farewell that contrasted sharply with the outcry he caused in neighboring Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slandering a bishop.

    Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, who publicly rebuked the pope on Saturday for those remarks, joined the pontiff and dozens of fellow bishops on a tented altar at a Lima airfield to celebrate the Mass. The crowd of 1.3 million people reported by the Vatican was the largest of Francis’ weeklong, two-nation visit.

    * * *

  2. Peru? Who knew?
    I have no idea why this huge discrepancy occurred.

    • I guess because Catholics comprise 85-90% of the population of 32.5 million, which while multiethnic, is predominantly traditional Amerindian (45%) and Mestizo (37%) but only 15% White, mostly descendants of Spanish colonists – unlike Chile with its smaller population (18 million), declining percentage of Catholics (44%), greatly less Amerindian (5%), about the same Mestizo (35%) and more White (60%) of diverse European origin.

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