Vatican reportedly asking ‘underground’ Chinese bishops to yield to government-supported prelates 

[What if St. Pope Pius V said something similar to Recusant (underground) Catholics in 16th century Protestant England in his 1570 papal bull “Regnans in Excelsis (Reigning from on High)” ?  Instead of declaring “Elizabeth, the pretended Queen of England and the servant of crime”, to be a heretic and releasing all her subjects from any allegiance to her, even when they had “sworn oaths to her”, and excommunicating any that obeyed her orders! – AQ moderator Tom] 
Catholic World News – 1/22/18
Vatican representatives have asked at least two bishops of China’s “underground” Catholic Church to resign, allowing for bishops supported by the government to take their places, the AsiaNews service reports.
AsiaNews discloses that Bishop Peter Zhuang Jianjian of Shantou, who is recognized by the Holy See, was asked to step aside. He would be replaced by Bishop Huang Bingzhang, who was ordained without Vatican approval—thus incurring the penalty of excommunication—according to the report.
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5 comments on “Vatican reportedly asking ‘underground’ Chinese bishops to yield to government-supported prelates 

  1. This alone merits formal Curial inquiry and consequent action, if charges are warranted.

  2. This must be due to the intercession of pope “saint” John XXIII, in Hell, helping the Communists whom he invited to Vatican II while promising to be silent about Communism.

    • I won’t try to discern any eschatological origin due to the “intercession” of one or more V2/post-V2 popes in hell but “raised (or being raised) to the altar” in and by the new canonization process of the post-conciliar Church. Nonetheless, I do agree with your observation of appeasement of Communists (first in Europe) starting with J23 and continuing with P6’s Ostpolitik and into JP2’s pontificate (with the continuing presence, policies and blunderings of Cardinal Secretary of State Agostino Casaroli) and now extended to Red China with FrankenPope’s Fernostpolitik.

      • “I won’t try to discern any eschatological origin …”

        That’s OK. That’s why you’re a moderator, and I’m a shoot-from-the-hip pajamahadeen-type! We need both kinds, and more, especially the prayerfull posters keeping us Catholic here.

  3. Keepin’ us’n gunslingers Catholic is now pretty much a full time job for our prayer warrior sidekicks, Ah reckon, Cyprian. ; – )
    Speakin’ fo’ mahself, Ah’m much obliged ta them ladies! Much obliged, indeed!

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