Vatican Prepares Drowsy Church for Abolishing Celibacy

Vatican Prepares Drowsy Church for Abolishing Celibacy – 1/22/18
The prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Beniamino Stella, a blind partisan of Pope Francis, announced that the Vatican is “studying” ordaining married men to a part-time priesthood. Speaking in contradictions, he claimed at the same time that “celibacy is not under discussion”.

Stella makes his statements in an interview for Fabio Marchese Ragona’s book, “Tutti gli uomini di Francesco” (All the men of Francis). According to Stella, the abolition of celibacy would not only regard the Amazon region but also “some islands in the Pacific, and not only”.

As usual, when novelties contradicting the rule of Faith are introduced, Stella claimed that “one would restore a structure which already existed in the Church of the origins”, although many studies have shown that this is not true.

The cardinal invokes a “sacramental emergency”, another myth which does not correspond to reality. It is true that in countries where the Church has fallen prey of theological liberalism the number of priest is decreasing but the remaining liturgies are nevertheless not well attended disproving Stella’s “sacramental emergency”.

Stella cultivates the myth that married priests would take care of parishes which are almost “unreachable” for celibate priests. In reality, married priests would have a tendency to move to big cities, close to their families. In Germany they would keep, at least for a while, a totally rotten Church from collapsing without leading to a renewal.

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3 comments on “Vatican Prepares Drowsy Church for Abolishing Celibacy

  1. An anti patriarchal, politically correct social norm not only defies the living examples given by countless holy men for 2,000 years if Church history, it makes the path smoother for enemies of celibacy centered on the very example of Christ Himself, THE model of Priesthood
    All that, of course, is of no matter to anti-celibates and this is the moment they’ve been waiting for ever since their agit-prop efforts began, well before V2. Expect a long, tedious conflict ahead.

  2. On the other hand, having been blessed to know priests who lived out the graces of state given them at ordination, this latest push by progressives, in the long run, will ultimately fail.
    The libs may “think” things are going their way but good priests and solid laity will never accept their shallow rationalizations. Even Papa Wojtyla put paid to such nonsense.

  3. Part-time priesthood is not a Catholic concept. According to the Catholic understanding of the priesthood the duty of the priest is to take care of his sheep 24/7. It is not an office hours job.

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