Here’s the Deal. Folks

The democrats in the Senate led by Shutdown Schumer are getting paid while our military men and women, border patrol and thousands of civil servants are having their pay withheld. Tell me that is not Schumer’s fault. His lieutenants even objected to a poster of him being responsible for the Shutdown being shown in the Senate while a similar poster of Trump has been visible for days. Tell me they’re not responsible for the Shutdown. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, save us.

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5 comments on “Here’s the Deal. Folks

  1. There is no reason why Congress can’t pass a budget before expiration of the existing budget EXCEPT that they will not act like adults with the good of the nation their primary goal. This disgraceful show being put before us in Washington by BOTH parties is inexcusable.

  2. They are marionettes twitching in all directions under the control of their ascended masters, the same nice folks who gave the world the Bolsheviks, the Great Society, a suicidal foreign policy now in its eleventh decade, the total subversion of culture, the Faith and the American mind.

  3. Originally, American suffrage was restricted to literate, propertied male citizens. Restore that and the Demon-crat Party would be eliminated.

    • Yowzah. The whole idea of “one man, one vote” is totally stupid on the face of it. We’re supposed to believe that each man (or woman) is equally knowledgeable and virtuous?
      You have to be absolutely bats*** crazy to believe that. It’s a total, perverted denial of obvious reality.

  4. Well, they kicked the can down the road again until Feb 8th. But, they still need to pass the budget for the entire remainder of FY18 which we are already 4 months into. No kudos for this bunch – no way! At least the military and border patrol can get paid now. (They need to change the rules to make their salary dependent on whether the government is open or not.)

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