Your Catholic Week in Review (March For Life Edition!)

Your Catholic Week in Review (March For Life Edition!)

Lepanto Institute – 1/20/18

You might never know it by reading the secular media, but 400,000 pro-lifers — most if not all of whom were Catholic — descended upon Washington, D.C. to participate in what has been called the longest running peaceful civil rights demonstration in American history: the March for Life.


Anywhere from 56 to 59 million abortions have been committed in the United States since the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, and though the generation of Catholics that under 40 that is rising today polls as the most pro-life generation in America, it is all built on sand.

All of it… unless it is built on the Eucharist.

Friends, there is no coincidence that a decline in faithful attendance in Mass and the reception of the Body of Christ has not been matched with an increase in human sacrifice and the bodies of millions of children.

Christ offered himself as a Bloody Sacrifice so that grace might enter our hearts.  In a diabolical substitution — and it must be repeated, diabolical, because the desire to exterminate babies comes from no other source — the bloody sacrifice of millions of children is offered in an attempt to fill a God-sized hole. If you are wondering whether 59 million babies is enough to fill that hole?  We would be mistaken… and the devil’s hatred for humanity is bottomless.

James Hardon, S.J. argues there will be no stopping abortion without a tidal wave of grace through Jesus Christ Himself.  Abortion was routinely practiced in the pre-Christian world; it was only stopped with the rise of Christendom.  As Christendom is being pronounced “dead” by its undertakers, it should be no secret that abortion has risen again to ravage humanity.

The principle source of this tidal wave of supernatural grace?  Is the Holy Eucharist.  

Professed and practicing Catholics will be the only channels through which abortion will end.  We are the channels of extraordinary grace, and it is for this reason that the Catholic Church — its sacraments, its liturgy, its romance and beauty — should be protected and preserved at all cost.

Through our own means, it will be impossible to stop abortion.  For this reason alone, one should grow cautious about calls to “end abortion in our lifetime” if it is not directly attached to the Real Presence.

If Catholics truly — and I mean truly — believed in the Real Presence, then aborting the imago Dei that dwells within each mother would be the most violent act ever conceived.  Each mother in this sense becomes a reflection of the Tabernacle, each child a reflection of Christ.

Today’s culture doesn’t like to hear such things.  Does the entire world really need to become Catholic in order to end abortion?  Do we really need to fulfill the Great Commission?  Do we really need to heed Christ’s words that we should spread His Word to the ends of the earth?

Instinctively, we all know the answer to that.  It takes humility and sacrifice while boldly proclaiming the Truth to stand in the gaps.  Many Catholics feel the eyes around them when they pray a Rosary on an airplane, or even make the sign of the cross to say grace before eating in public.  But we are all called to be beacons of light in a darkened world.  We are called to absorb the humiliation, derision and pain that comes with doing what is right when it is difficult.  And when we consider the difficulty that comes with merely praying in public, imagine the attacks that are sure to come to those who would dare to declare that the Real Presence ended abortion once before, and only devotion to the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist will end abortion again!

The good news is this.  There are 20,000 Lepanto supporters who stand with you, and hundreds of thousands of Catholics who know this truth only to have never heard it articulated before.  More than that, there are 75 million Catholics who are starving for the faith of their fathers only to have it sold out by those who have given up on the Real Presence — bureaucrats who treat Christ as an idea rather than the Messiah.  An idea is easy to kill; Christ resurrects.

Encourage one another to stand firm in the Faith.  Wear your scapular, pray the Rosary daily, attend Mass faithfully, make Penance monthly.  Attend the first Five Saturdays if you can, and consecrate yourself and your family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Humility is the one weapon that confounds the devil the most precisely because it is the virtue he cannot imitate, and it must be practiced — it cannot be purchased.

Use these, and the victory over abortion will not belong to us — it will belong to Christ, as it should.

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