Of Medals, Seamless Garment, And Corruption


Of Medals, Seamless Garment, And Corruption

I posted the above from Father West for he says eloquently what I’ve been trying to say to those Catholics who not only refuse to acknowledge the evidence of Pope Francis’ misdeeds but who lash out (in fits of obvious denial of reality) at those of us who are trying to shine much-needed light on these situations.  At one time I thought that these friends were simply too trusting and a bit simplistic in their views on the papacy.  Given their increasingly vitriolic reactions to our efforts, I must wonder if there is some intellectual dishonesty influencing them.

Let’s look at two things.

Last week we learned that the pope gave a medal that is only given to a Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St Gregory to a rabidly pro-abortion Dutch politician.  Now they’ve gone into “damage control” according to Austin Ruse.  Perhaps the “control” should be rendered “augmentation”.  We read that “the medal was no more than part of a protocol exchange”.  Really?  I’m sure the Vatican has engaged in many, many protocol exchanges with other visiting dignitaries over the past centuries.  When, oh when, has the Vatican ever given such medals in the past as part of “protocol exchanges”?

Then the article says, “In recent months, the Vatican has played host to a steady stream of speakers who stand in public opposition to Church teaching on a whole host of issues including Governor Jerry Brown of California.”  Now hold this thought for a moment while I bring up a related matter.

Today the annual March for Life occurred.  In addition to the main march in Washington DC, similar marches occurred elsewhere at the same time for the sake of those who were unable to make the journey to DC.  Such was the case in Little Rock, AR.  The local marches there were first organized by local bishops.  However, this year, Bishop Anthony Taylor of the Diocese of Little Rock boycotted the march because the local pro-life organizations had booked as a speaker someone who supports the use of the death penalty.  The speaker is Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, whose pro-life credentials seem to be totally in line with traditional Catholic morality as opposed to the “seamless garment” caricature of the same.  Bishop Taylor, in ascribing capital punishment the same status as baby-murder, is dissenting from Catholic moral teaching.  I’ve posted before why the move to eliminate the use of all capital punishment may well be its own heresy.  But the death penalty is not today’s main consideration.

Consider both of the preceding paragraphs.  One the one hand, you have rabid pro-aborts being wined and dined and even given medals by the pope. These pro-aborts, though, are good little progressives who whine about capital punishment, climate-change junk-science, immigration.  On the other hand, you have a bishop snubbing a march for life because another speaker doesn’t toady to the progressive talking points on capital punishment.  A consideration of both these scenarios together buttresses my suspicions that the so-called “seamless garment” yak is nothing more than a smokescreen for pro-abortion infiltration of the Church.

By the way: Eccles and Bosco have some pointers in giving out medals.

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5 comments on “Of Medals, Seamless Garment, And Corruption

  1. The so-called “seamless garment” was created by the modernist homo bishop of Chicago (Cardinal Bernardin). He was the Dr. Frankenstein behind this monster of modernist dissembling. While there are various ethical arguments to be made about minimum wage, the death penalty, women’s rights, workers’ rights, the environment and so forth, which can be made using Catholic natural law ethics, the notion that there is a moral equivalence between the execution of convicted murderers and the murder of innocent unborn children through abortion is an absurdity that only liberals doing ethical somersaults in Commonweal could come up with in their efforts to geld the pro-life movement and provide excuses for Catholic liberals to vote for pro-abortion candidates. That a liberal homo came up with this idea is not that surprising.

    That liberals themselves do not really believe in the seamless garment is apparent from the fact that they never had any intention to take abortion as seriously as capital punishment, workers’ rights, minimum wage, PETA and Humane Society advocacy for the protection of animals, or environmental issues.

    • Fag Bernardin led the promotion of the Seamless Garment / Consistent Ethic of Life, but it was created by Communist Fr. Bryan Hehir of Boston. Furthermore, it was passively endorsed by Wojtyla who, in his “gospel of life,” condemned capital punishment.

  2. There are legitimate questions about capital punishment and the dangers involved in secular totalitarian states arrogating to themselves such authority. But the execution of an actual murderer after due judicial process cannot be equated with the abortion of an innocent human infant. That is absurd. Liberals use these kinds of debates to obfuscate the abortion controversy and provide excuses for voting for liberal and progressive socialist candidates who are pro-abortion. There are any number of ethical issues one could tack on to the pro-life spectrum – wages for laborers, environmental concerns, dietary concerns, medical care, access to education, rights of children, prevention of spousal abuse, cancer research, etc. None of them rise to the gravity of the systematic murder of unborn children. Raising the minimum wage by one dollar or two dollars? Really? That’s equivalent to whether unborn children are cut up into pieces and surgically destroyed by abortionists? Only a crazy liberal homo could come up with that theory.

  3. Just a note on Fr. Peter West who is/was with Priests for Life (PFL): PFL promotes the heresy that aborted babies go to Heaven, defends the consumption of products of aborted babies, i.e., vaccines, and promotes Catholic birth control for limiting family size. With pro-life organizations like this, why get fussy about Planned Parenthood? I don’t know if Fr. West yet promotes these things.

  4. Great job, Howl and Cyprian, on drilling down to expose the depths of the rot.
    In particular, the heresy that aborted babies go to heaven is a most vile, vile perversion.
    I mean that in the literal sense of the word; a thoroughly twisted idea, that results in the opposite of what it intends — or pretends — to promote.
    If aborted babies go to heaven, it is logically BETTER to murder them in the womb, than to let them be born into this world, which is so very dangerous to their salvation. Thus, the result will be MORE murder, rather than less.
    Liberals are INCREDIBLY stupid…or evil.

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