It’s not what the Pope says, it is what he does.

It’s not what the Pope says, it is what he does.

Don’t tell me that Pope Francis speaks against abortion, let me see how he praised “Italy’s forgotten great” Emma Bonino, the bicycle pump baby-killer. Show me that he will recall the medal to this Dutch Abortion Witch and prove to us that he had not approved it.

You can’t show me because he won’t.

Yesterday in Chile, Bergoglio apologised for the crimes that homosexual men — sodomites in the Catholic priesthood did to boys and the filthy bishops who covered it up.  Yet, Bergoglio promoted them in spite of the knowledge of their crimes just as he has done in Italy.


  • Bergoglio has not acknowledged and he has not extradited pervert Monsignor Capella wanted by the RCMP in Canada for trading in child pornography.
  • Bergoglio reinstated an Italian priest, removed by Benedict XVI, Don “Mercedes” Inzoli, who went on and sodomised again.
  • Bergoglio has appointed Barros, who witnessed sexual assault, by a Bishop in Chile.
  • Bergoglio brought into his inner circle, Godfried Danneels who protected a pervert bishop who had raped his own nephew, whom Danneels chastised.
  • Bergoglio has appointed as his Legate to Scranton’s celebration, Roger Mahony, who covered up dozens of cases of perverts raping boys and paid out a billion dollars in damages.

These are only some. Here is the evidence. Nobody else did this. Jorge Bergoglio did, the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. He did this and people continue to fawn all over this man.

Bergoglio is a fraud and so is his apology. They must think we’re pretty stupid to believe that there is any sincerity when the evidence of his actions is exactly to the contrary.

He is a walking scandal. A man who is a liar, who has protected perverts all the time giving the impression that he actually cares about their victims. “Life in prion is like a death sentence,” he said, and we all know what he thinks about capital punishment.

Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!

Mercy for the guilty, no justice for the victim.

Don’t tell me what a man says, show me what he does.

It is time for all Catholic to face the facts, a manipulative and destructive regime of malefactors has taken control of Holy Mother Church. They hate God, they hate our Lord Jesus Christ, they are liars and they are doing the work of Satan himself. Bergoglio is the front man, but he is very much a part of the whole evil cabal.

You priests and bishops that continue to cover for this boil on the seat of Peter will be held accountable one day for allowing this fraud to continue.

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2 comments on “It’s not what the Pope says, it is what he does.

  1. Excellent Post ! I was just saying the same thing to my wife last night ! Isn’ t there anyone out there willing to take these perverts on ? The Vatican is over run by them and everyone stands by and does nothing! Is the clergy that corrupt or are they all homosexuals with checkered pasts ? And if I see that wack job Martin SJ anymore , Sepeku, might be the only answer. All this Pope does is spread filth and perversion ! Need the sword of St. Michael to clean these lowlifes from the Church! All of them !

  2. Who thinks that “Who am I to judge?” Pope Francis will get tough cracking down on perverts in the priesthood? Any takers for this? Going once…going twice…going three times….

    No, well, apparently “welcoming the stranger” takes some unusual turns in Bergoglio’s interpretation of biblical hermeneutics….

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