To chalice or not to chalice?

Our bishop just issued recommendations concerning the horrible flu season we are having in our diocese. Here it is (my comments/rants at the end):

To all priests and deacons,
Given the severity of the flu this season across the United States, particularly in the State of Georgia and bordering states, pastors may decide to suspend distributing the Eucharist in sharing a common cup. The option of course could  be to continue to offer the precious blood by cup and people can make their own choice whether they wish to share it or not, which is the normal practice. But if pastors decide to suspend the use of the cup, it must be understood that it is only a temporary precaution against the spread of influenza. This should not be used as an opportunity to discontinue the use of the cup at the end of this epidemic. Proper catechesis should be utilized if there is a suspension of the cup.  
This decision will be left up to each individual pastor as to when such a practice will begin and end.
The same will hold true to those congregations that have the custom of holding hands during the Our Father. 
People who have the symptoms or the diagnosis of the flu should also be instructed to stay home on the weekend rather than come to Mass for fulfillment of an obligation.  
I would also appreciate taking precautions by not mingling with large crowds of people on weekends and washing hands frequently.

My comments/rants: I hate when things fall on me. I like to blame others. That’s number one.
But in addition to this I can’t stand the fact that we provide the common chalice to the congregation knowing full well that germs, viruses and other diseases can be spread regardless of the flu season that is more severe than usual.

Why is this? Because when the laity received permission to have the common chalice in the early 1970’s there was reluctance on their part to drink from the chalice, so the first method was intinction which was wonderful. I remember it full well.

But then those damn, rigid liturgists said intinction wasn’t biblical and that it was like “dunking donuts” and thus not reverent! So they insisted that intinction be dropped (please note, there was no official requiest from Rome to stop intinction because it is still allowed even in the new GIRM!!!

But to convince the laity they should drink from the common chalice these damn rigid liturgists told us to tell a lie that wiping the rim of the chalice with a purificator and turning the chalice would eliminate any risk of contagion. This is a lie (bald or bold face?).

But the other ideology this damn, rigid liturgists wanted to foist onto the liturgy was the proliferation of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Make no mistake, this was the goal, for better or for worse.

And intinction meant the communicant couldn’t receive in the hand and that ideology was more important than health and preserving reverence for Holy Communion.  

I have been ranting about the danger of the spread of contagion for longer than I can remember.

Will it take multi million dollar lawsuits to end it, to create zero tolerance for the common chalice?
History tells us yes!

In the meantime, those bishops and priests at Vatican papal Masses  do not ever drink from the common chalice but in fact intinct with papal approbation. When will we learn from the Holy Father and Rome?

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  1. Like, do you have to keep your clothes on now at the kisssss o’piece?

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