German Traditional Trappist Abbey Will Be Closed Down

German Traditional Trappist Abbey Will Be Closed Down

[Sad but apparently true; cannot yet confirm in another source (Rorate Caeli only reproduces this report) but found a November 2016 item (see comment below) which provides the context and basis for such a decision: A “revolt” of the “old guard” (the monks who “grew up” with the post-V2 changes) against the “new regimen” (the unmitigated Rule of St. Benedict)! – AQ moderator Tom] – 1/19/18

The old-rite Trappist abbey of Mariawald, Germany, will be closed down. The Vatican, the Trappist order, and the Diocese of Aachen on whose territory the abbey is located, have announced this in Mariawald.

The monastery was inhabited by the Trappists since 1909. All employees lose their jobs. The monks will be transferred to other monasteries.

During this year, the monastery and all its possessions will be handed over to Aachen diocese. The monastery and church of Mariawald will probably remain closed forever.

In a letter dated November 21, 2008, Benedict XVI granted the abbey the privilege to return to the old usages of the Trappist Order in liturgy and monastic life. This concerned especially a return to the venerable Old Rite. The pope saw this project as a “renewal of the church in the spirit of tradition”. Now this renewal is over before it could get off the ground.

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2 comments on “German Traditional Trappist Abbey Will Be Closed Down

  1. Abbey Mariawald: unrest after the resignation of Joseph Vollberg

    [Google translation of Abtei Mariawald: Unruhe nach dem Rücktritt von Joseph Vollberg]

    For 500 years the Abbey Mariawald has been a haven of silence and reflection. On the back of the Kermeters is the only Trappist monastery in Germany, not far from the town of Heimbach.

    By: Gudrun Klinkhammer
    November 23, 2016

    MARIAWALD. High up on the back of the Kermeter is the abbey Mariawald. It is the only Trappist monastery in Germany. For 500 years it has been an institution of contemplation and contemplation, many people go there for religious reasons, but also because of the pea soup there. Now there is unrest among the confreres of the historic site.

    Recently, a step has taken place that has never happened in the history of the abbey in Mariawald: the ninth abbot of Mariawald, Joseph Vollberg, resigned.

    In 2006, the now 53-year-old Mariawald was voted “Abbot for Life”. He reintroduced the strict rite according to the books used by the Cistercians before the Second Vatican Council before 1963 in Mariawald.

    The Trappists are monks of the renewal movement of the Cistercians in the 17th century, thus a branch of this religious community. With the introduction of the strict rite Vollberg hoped to find new, young confreres. In an open letter from October 2012, however, he reported after the introduction on “tensions with older brothers”. For example, the stricter rite prescribes the first prayer at three o’clock in the morning. Vollberg formulated publicly at the time: “This is more exhausting and demanding than before.”

    A questionnaire, which this newspaper submitted to the retired abbot, his superiors or the administrative staff, was not answered. Instead, the reference to the website comes again. There is that after a conversation with the visitators Dom Bernardus and Dom Eric the insight into the resignation was done and Joseph Vollberg in Mariawald now the post of Prior, so the head of the house, clothe. Vollberg: “For the sake of the future, in order to allow for foreseeable changes to the statutes.” Otherwise, the closure of the Convention would be threatened. However, the abbey’s staff needed “no fear of change at first”.

    Dissolution of the monastery?

    Ten internal and external brothers count the convention as of April 10, 2016, 217 members belong to the association. There are also other employees in the canteen and in the bookstore of the institution. Vollberg denies in his Internet statement rumors about a dissolution of the monastery. Dom Bernardus Peeters from Tillburg, who now has the dignity of the abbot of Mariawald and thus the main responsibility for the institution was transferred, should ensure that especially the older confreres can be better cared for. Also, he should be “with words and deeds” to the side, go Vollberg “with younger brothers on the way of tradition”.

    From internal monastery circles came the indication that the resignation of Vollberg the decisions regarding Mariawald could be easier – whether continuity or dissolution, which was not substantiated. “Mariawald is the spiritual center of our community,” says Heimbach’s mayor Peter Cremer. “Let’s hope that everything will stay with us for a long time to come.”

  2. Ach! Once Modernist viruses hit the bloodstream they are very difficult to eliminate. Even I have heard of this monastery so the effect on locals must be grievous.
    I think I saw a Facebook post from Hilary White earler today about this travesty among the Trappists, Tom, if you would care to check it out.

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