Major media outlets are in a tizzy saying: “the FCC will investigate the false missile warning with a view to ensuring it never happens again.” Oh great, sez me, that means with our missile defense system that is less than 100% effective only a few of us will be fried to a crisp or, made to glow in the dark before succumbing to the effects of nuclear radiation or, the ability to use our electrical devices (because of the electromagnetic pulse) so we can give our last will and testament. Yet, we are also told that in the future we’ll have weapons that will instantly vaporize not only incoming missiles but the creeps that send them our way.

‘Scuse me, folks, but I believe our brain trust in Washington had better start focusing on getting this capability now rather than persecuting the poor civil servant who sent the wrong message. In a word, you kill a snake (potential enemy) by cutting off its head, not by allowing it to roam about undeterred. However, there are those in the Congress who will oppose defense spending because it decreases the amount available for their social welfare programs. Crazy? You bet! It’s a MAD, MAD, world out there (MAD standing for Mutually-Assured Destruction).

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One comment on “THE “FALLOUT” CONTINUES”

  1. Rush thinks it was deliberate. Totally political. He points to his iPhone: just try to delete something, what do you get? Are you sure? Are you sure? But the “Imminent Death” button — oops!?

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