Trump-Haters Are At It Again

Uproar over Trump’s use of the term s___hole countries continues unabated among the ranks of those out to destroy his presidency. When one considers, however, who it is that is doing the complaining the only conclusion is HYPOCRISY.

Consider that cruel dictators have been at the helm of some of these countries for years and the people themselves have suffered immensely. And, the leaders of the US have tolerated such behavior by the tyrants and, even yes, encouraged it in the name of fighting communism. Consider also that there is no real political structure or means of governing in these countries except favoritism or cronyism. So, it is my belief that Trump was referring to this situation as contributing in no small measure to the immigration problem which the democrats in Congress, many of whom call themselves Catholic, refuse to take seriously.

What is most disconcerting however it the response to this incident in L’Osservatore Romano considered by many to be the Pope’s mouthpiece in the Vatican, to wit:

Whoa! Back up the truck there, dude, We have the “dictator pope” with the gall to criticize our President’s use of words to criticize the situation created by equivalent dictators in Latin America? He, who dictates to traditional Catholics what they must accept from his pontificate? He, who knows full well what has been the course of history in his own native country and its next-door neighbor? Get real!

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3 comments on “Trump-Haters Are At It Again

  1. It’s a shame that the pope and most of the bishops are beholden to socialist ideals, blaming America for their ills while overlooking the living conditions of their flock. Francis and Benedict and Wojtyla even visited Castro, their beloved murderer, but snubbed the Catholic opposition in Cuba. They’ve been beholden to Marx ever since Roncalli sold out the Council to KGB “observers” in exchange for silence.

    This just shows that all the Church’s rhetoric about human rights and social justice is a total farce. They don’t care that much of the world still has unclean water and unsanitary conditions. Here are some crappy facts:

    – Around 60% of the global population – 4.5 billion people – have either no toilet at home or one that doesn’t safely manage excreta.

    -862 million people worldwide still practi[c]e open defecation.

    – 1.8 billion people use an unimproved source of drinking water with no protection against contamination from [feces].

    – Globally, 80% of the wastewater generated by society flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused.

    – Only 39% of the global population (2.9 billion people) use a safely[] managed sanitation service [–] that is, excreta safely disposed of in situ or treated off-site.

    – Combined with safe water and good hygiene, improved sanitation could prevent around 842,000 deaths each year.

    But to hear the hypocritical pope and bishops, America is the problem. The answer, of course, is to elect another Obama to immediately reinstate policies designed to reduce America to a third-world hell-hole.

    Instead of attacking Trump for pointing out the inconvenient truth, they should be shaming countries that put bribery and corruption first and the living conditions of the people last. Instead of talking about wages and air conditioning, how about those who will never reach the point of having employment or electricity. How about promoting clean water, sanitary waste disposal, and security in one’s possessions? Oh! Wait! These aren’t political goals. Politics are the bottom line, of course.

  2. The question should not relate to the form of comment, it should relate to why the countries are in a state of as described when they have been given their own individual forms of democracy. The answer: wholesale corruption by the elected against the masses – let the anti-Trump brigade contradict that.

  3. Paul, I’m glad you posted this. In hindsight, we might subtitle it “How Trump ruins the party again by blurting out what really needs to be said.” This is a very important topic, the culture war, and one that Francis and the Vatican-Tootsies are on the wrong side of. As usual.

    Trump’s s-hole comment long overdue…but not enough
    by Geoffrey P. Hunt at the American Thinker

    Of course, President Donald Trump is right about Haiti, El Salvador, and many African countries being s-holes. Only a fool, a lifelong shut-in, or an ideologue would deny it. Trump needs to affirm what he said, and expand his remarks, without revision. No apologies for truth-telling this time.

    Whether intentional or serendipitously, the president has finally uttered the most monumental truth of the modern era. The globe has an abundance of hellholes, euphemistically labeled “third-world,” containing unimaginable wretchedness, largely of those countries’ occupants’ own makings.

    Or, to put it otherwise, the local populations have had the means and wherewithal to fix their abject plights but were lacking in willpower or rational acuity. Most have inherited formidable opportunities but squandered them all in their infatuation with corrupt elite leaders.

    The list of countries inheriting bountiful resources, both natural, and human capital along with effective governance models is led by Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Frittering it away is a post-colonial art form, actually a pernicious disease infecting most of sub-Sahara Africa and Central and South America.

    Poverty, genocide, disease, foul water, illiteracy – ravages from Marxist collectivist tyranny or just brutal, corrupt dictatorships – are the norm. Yes, they are s-holes, not just a figure of speech.

    The Great Fallacy that opposes Trump’s S-Hole Truth is the multicultural claim that Western civilization is a racist white supremacy construct, possessing no superior cultural attributes, be it language, science, governance, or economics.

    The Great Fallacy insists that there is no Western civilization exceptionalism.

    The Great Fallacy demands that we disembowel Western civilization and instead venerate all non-white, post-colonial cultures, all of which presumably possess equally powerful constructs that are economically, politically, and morally equivalent, if not ascendant.

    The Great Fallacy, multiculturalism, is BS.
    [more at the link]

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