George Soros trying to make Ireland Abortion friendly

George Soros caught in illegal scheme to make Ireland abortion-friendly

There are few figures more hated by conservatives and liberty-minded people than George Soros. A liberal billionaire who became a household name after it was revealed that he helped the Nazis during his childhood, Soros has funded some of the most left-wing dirty politics possible — and now, he’s at it again.

It was revealed on Wednesday that Soros is funding yet another left-wing effort – illegally. According to a report from Ireland’s Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO), Soros’ Open Society Foundation has been bankrolling a campaign to change Ireland’s constitution, which holds a pro-life amendment.

Amnesty says they will not return the donation, however, claiming that Ireland’s law is unfair and reiterating their desire to support local efforts to “bring Ireland’s abortion law in line” with an abortion-on-demand position.
The Fighting Irish

Cora Sherlock, the spokesperson for the Irish Pro Life Campaign, points out that the Open Society stated at the time of the donation that it hoped to “assist the coordination of groups in Ireland with a view to repealing the Eighth Amendment and taking away legal protection for the baby in the womb.”

According to Sherlock, that constitutes meddling in Ireland’s democracy and interference in another country’s internal affairs.

But these accusations are nothing new to Soros, who has been accused of similar acts before. In fact, an earlier report even exposed OSF’s involvement in other countries’ elections.

The report leaked internal foundation documents from 2013 showing a pattern of payments related to European Parliamentary elections.

At 87, Soros may not be an international player for much longer, but his transfer of personal wealth to his foundation — $18 billion just in October — will ensure that his agenda lives on.

Soros will be succeeded by his son Alex, who has quietly started funding Democrat causes himself as well.

Whether the Soros family efforts will succeed in Ireland is still unknown, but if the Irish conservatives get their way, he’ll stay out of Irish affairs.

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